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Here we present our new forum and ask for your help in choosing names for the characters.

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Hey guys, what's up!
We're good, we have a very fast progress and we have created a forum where we can discuss the mod.
The forum's url is:

We still don't have a coder in our team, so if you are one and want to help us, please apply in the forum here:

And now, we want to ask you for your help in choosing names for the main characters of the game.
The characters that need names are:

1. The Captain: The Captain is actually the player that the story focuses on, he is a proud member of the rebel Spec-Ops, and is a fierce warrior that managed to survive many battles. While he was fighting in the battle for Hoth, he got hit by a laser blast. After a few months, he returned to active duty. We need a name for him, even though he will be mostly addressed as "Captain".

2. The General: The General is almost always on the transport's bridge, sending commandos to missions and issuing orders. His transport got shot down on Hoth, and the Captain destroyed the Imperial AA turret that shot him down, thus letting the transport take off again when it's auto-repair systems finished repairing the transport.

3. The Sargent: The Sargent is a valuable member to the Spec-Ops, who prefers working alone, but will always rush to help a friend in need. Especially if the helping involves killing some stormtroopers. He fought alongside the Captain in several missions, including the time when he infiltrated the Imperial Jail to save the Captain.

To enter, you must post a reply to this thread with the names here:

Well, this is it for now, the contest ends on June 2, so submit your name before that.


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