Play the role of a Rebel Commando fighting for freedom against the Galactic Empire in a variety of different missions, exotic locations and challenging situations. From speeder-bike racing to fighting the Sand People, the mod is full of surprises.

The singleplayer experience lasts long as the mod adds new gameplay like Capture The Flag, Team Assault and more.

Our team:
erel96 - Project Leader / Texture Artist / Concept Artist / Graphic Designer / 3D Modeler / Video Editor
Dapro - 3D Modeler
ShotGunGuy49 - 3D Modeler / Texture Artist
NvRdie - Texture Artist / Graphic Designer
SGT.Bodin - Texture Artist
Ardowa - Mapper

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Hi, this is erel96 here, with a news update for you.

In the last few weeks we didn't manage to make anything, except for a slightly prettier design to the forum, huge story changes and live action props. Now that the summer vacation has started, we can work faster. Our goal is to finish filming by the end of the summer, and to get a beta release by the end of the year.

Firstly, before I'll show you the names, I want to make it clear to you that we used a random number generator.
So here they are:

The Player: Rayce Farelle
The General: Maik Rosaar
The Sargent: Giz Gunnar

Secondly, we are really slow, and we need more people in our team. We need more modelers, texture artists, and mappers.
The positions that we don't have are: SFX (sound effects) Artist, Coder, Music Composer, and Script Writer.
We really can't continue the mod otherwise.

Welcome back to the Story corner.
In the beginning, our story was just you being a Rebel Commando and being sent on missions, the major story points were Hoth, Endor Shield Generator, Imperial Prison and Coruscant.

I thought it over in my head and decided that it was all too boring. The game play might be very fun, but my Idea of an epic story is being full of sacrifices, turning points, confusion ( at least for the player ), heroics, betrayals, pain, tough decisions, damage, loss, teamwork, friends, surprises, full of the blaster fire we all so adore and it's own, epic soundtrack.
My best example should be clear: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
The new story will have more unknowns, enemies, puppets, epic confrontations, explosions and will be longer.

And now to the new prop corner.
I want to show you two props that are going to be used in the filming. I'll show you images and videos of them and explain their functions.

The Ear Piece.
The ear piece is just... an ear piece. Connected to a transmission receiver with a screen for viewing, with cable connections to the ear piece itself. It doesn't really function, it's just eye candy. took me 40 minutes to build from spare parts.

The rocket launcher.
It's not a prop, this is a real launcher. It's a very old M72 66mm Anti-Tank. I know what you're thinking: "What? you must be kidding. I don't believe it's real. And if you're not bluffing us, then why use a real one? It's dangerous?"

It's a single-use, as the heat from the launch renders th firing mechanism useless for a second time. Luckily, all of the pop-out scopes still function and so does the opening mechanism. So it works but doesn't fire, which is perfect. And about it being so old, the Rebel Alliance uses old tech.

The forum is up!

The forum is up!

News 1 comment

Here we present our new forum and ask for your help in choosing names for the characters.

The goals for this mod

The goals for this mod

News 2 comments

The goals and the general idea that we are setting for the mod.

Music Player Added!

Music Player Added!


Hey guys, welcome to the News section! Our first news will include information about the Mod, the progress, a bit about the Campaign and about the new...

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Music Player

Music Player

Audio Tool

The music player that will be included in the Mod.

de_tydirium_b1 map

de_tydirium_b1 map

Multiplayer Map 2 comments

This is the map de_tydirium_b1. I did not make it, I found it on FPSBANANA

Blaster Sounds

Blaster Sounds

Audio 3 comments

These are sounds for blaster rifles from Star Wars. Instructions: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Use the files for anything - Movies, Mods, Games etc...

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Guest - - 693,389 comments

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Videogamer13 - - 288 comments

Awesome mod. <3

the Empire should fit Terrorist as the Empire is the bad guy, and the Rebels are the CT.

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Bunseth168 - - 57 comments

DON"T DIE MAN!! I just got this game!!!!

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ComradeHell - - 243 comments


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Stone_Falcon - - 9 comments

this still alive? if so, tracking.

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hman1999 - - 10 comments

guys i wish i could help but im really new to the map design and i cant even make a map but when i can i will try and help you (if mod isnt dead) and next time get a team togethor before you start making the mod so you no you can finish it

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theBIGkBUNS - - 15 comments

stay alive boys

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Shotgunguy49 Creator
Shotgunguy49 - - 238 comments

I think this might be dead.
No confirmation from the bossman.

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nisse_97 - - 3 comments

download link plz

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Mr_Flame - - 1,632 comments


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