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The first update to Stargate Races for Rebellion has just been released.

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As you may have noticed, a brand new release file for r0.91b has been posted.

This was not really planned, but I felt that it was the best course of action. The plan was to work on new meshes and whatnot for you guys to play with. Unfortunately, there were a couple issues with the 0.90b release that kept it from being what it was supposed to be.

The purpose of the beta was mainly to allow play testing of the "new for Rebellion" content. IE, Titans. With years of the rest of the mod having been played in previous versions, the old content was pretty much good to go. There were a couple of mistakes that prevented access to Asgard and Goa'uld titans. Kind of defeated the purpose.

Anyways... That should all be fixed now. Along with a few other things that got caught.

So grab the new version and get back to playing, this time with everything. And please do continue reporting any issues you find. I play test myself, but I don't spot everything and it takes time. That and I'm supposed to be working on the mod too, so my time is split at best.

You can post reports here, or you can find me on Discord at either the Stargate Mods Server or the Official Sins of a Solar Empire Discord Server.


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