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You may know that Mass Effect Reborn is coming after Christmas. I think that I have to tell you exactly how it will works. I will answer to your questions if you want me too.

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It has come to my attention that a lot of people were asking "When will the release come out", "Is there a setup ?" or "I listened to your soundtrack, do you plan to release it ?". It is my work to explain exactly how we plan to release Mass Effect Reborn after Christmas.

Before the release

I'd love to answer your question about that. However, I have to tell you that the mod is not finished. And that is normal. We can't finish the mod and release a unique version of it (We plan to release multiple versions and patches for example). We wanted the first release to be the best we've made at Phoenix Interactive. We had over the past several releases but they were problematic for us (Language problems, setup not working on Mac OSX and so on...).
But it's over now and with the first release of Mass Effect Reborn, we want to begin in a complete new way. We wanted the first release to be realistic towards the Mass Effect universe and I'm sure we made it. Erayser was working for weeks to release this beast. His interface work is about 3 weeks (and believe me, when you can work only one or two hour each day, it's not that simple).

The first release represents an issue for us. It is difficult to work on details when you know the mod is going to be released soon. This is the best version we can release actually and I'm sure you will love it. Please, read carefully the following content.

What we plan to do before the release
- Finish the English translation (I will do it).
- Add all of our own soundtrack in the game.
- Finish all engine effects (2 or 3 ships to do).
- Do and publish the official trailer
- Finish the setup

There is a lot of features for our first release such as:
- Reaper animations
- Engine effects
- French & English translation (Russian, Spanish coming soon)
- Mod launcher (Will save your language settings and so on...)
- Realistic Light Details (Made by Erayser, these brand new effects are outstanding)
- Our own soundtrack
- ... What ? You don't expect us to give you all features ? :P

Please visit the features page to discover the mod's special stuff.

A release date ?
We plan to release it after Christmas. You will be able to watch a little video made by the whole team to thank you for your awesome dedication and support you gave us this year. Especially for your opinions and that means constructive criticism as well. I can give for example the opinions from 880Zero on some details or the opinions of Lockerd.

Alekxandr9 - - 229 comments

It turns out mod will be available for download 25th of the morning?

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Mastafroggy - - 96 comments

Looking forward to it guys! I hope creating it was a lot of fun.

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

Looking great, but i don't have homeworld. can u get it on steam?

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Sixth Author
Sixth - - 17 comments

No you can't, atleast not right now. You can buy it on ebay or amazon.

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments


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KonaTek - - 162 comments

cant. wait. XD

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