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The first 20 members (First Mandalorians) are finally here and are now our ner vods!

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Su cuy'gar anade!

Attention all children of Mandalore!

The first 19 members, (not 20 anymore, read spoiler for details) or as we call it the "First Mandalorians" are here and now our own!
Let us rejoice for our cause and our society is growing once more, soon they will know, love, hate and fear the name that is Mandalore.
Now that we have a sum of Mandalorians, we will now focus on getting more.
I have set up a bunch of tasks, but with tasks come rewards!

After we get 50 people, I will make our own website, re-develop our page personally and do more to our society.

After 75, I will give Mandalore and our people something special.
You better contribute alot and help out, it'll be worth it!

Let us also congratulate my Two Advisors:

First Mandalorian Advisor: OriVerda
Secondary Mandalorian Advisor: Sebaanator

And also ofcourse, the 19 First Mandalorians:

(Follows Alphabetically)

AK151 -
Alpha17 -
Arielyssou -
CaptainMazeRolle -
CaptainR -
CC726A24 -
CommanderCody212 -
Deer_Hunter -
Delta289 -
Galen_Marek -
Jernex65 -
MasterJason -
Obi-1-Kenobi -
Spartan717 -
The_Farseer -
Tylord -
TheN00bTuber -
TheSarcasticSamurai -
Urban_Chaos_99 -

A note to Dj5555,

Hello child of Mandalore,
Due to your current exploits that I have seen in the field, the recruitments and eunthusiasm...
I have decided to Promote you.

You are now the Prime Minister of the System.
Not higher than Mandalore nor my Advisors, but you are the most powerful of all the citizens.
Congratulations, ner vod.


ARC_Trooper -

Thank you for joining us!

I still encourage you to get Mandalorian names via edit profile, but it is up to you.
Thank you for reading and let the world know that the Mandalorians are back, here and waiting!
We will be feared once more!

Munit Oyacyir Manda'yaim!

Adrien_Victus - - 3,823 comments

being breed as a wookiee and raised as a mandalorian i am forever in your services mandalore! Hail Vod

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Urban_Chaos_99 - - 2,542 comments

What is thy bidding my master!?

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Adrien_Victus - - 3,823 comments

spread the word of the mandalorian page to every site so our numbers may grow! just look at the stats after i did the same they rose by many and i was rewarded for it do the same and mandalore will honour you for your efforts

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

But i as a Mandalorian live for glory and not for loot no rewards are necessary as long as there are people that have not felt my wrath! Racin grualé'ra ktro'li bellitha'an!

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CommanderCody212 - - 1,099 comments

What do you want me to do sir?

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Adrien_Victus - - 3,823 comments

stop theatening my Wookiee brethren for a start or prepare to take a beating! other than that you could promote the site get us more members and destroy our enemys!

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samtheman42 - - 129 comments

"...and destroy our enemys!"

Sir, how should do you want us to go about doing that?

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Kjrov Author
Kjrov - - 568 comments

Oh, you'll see, ner vod.

You'll see.

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samtheman42 - - 129 comments

Ready then, I wait your orders.

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