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The first demo of the new reimagined Sonic World Doom.

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Hello everybody.

After no news for a while, I'm glad that I can tell you that the first demo of the wad is out!

You can now get it here : Sonic World Doom Beta 1

You need to have Doom 2 to play it, and also, please use GZDoom with mouselook, jump and crouch activated.

In this first demo / beta, you will discover how the wad has changed since the very, very old multiplayer version.

Green Hill Zone for example has changed a lot since then. The base layout the map had is still here, but it's way more complete now, and with Red Star Rings...

Yep, every levels except one in this demo has 5 Red Star Rings to find. Can you find them all? And, can you find the special stage that is included in the demo, and get his reward?

Let's find out if you can!

Have fun.

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