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These are the list of features introduced in "The Final Nights 1.4", along with an official release date!

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Dear TCI Members and Fans,

We are proud to announce that The Final Nights Version 1.4 will be released for public download on Thursday, December 31st, 2015. Initially you will only be able to download it from here and from the Team Camarilla International forum, however as this Bloodlines expansion gains popularity, alternate download locations will become available.

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.4.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Windows DRM error check issue (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed .dll issues (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed blood doll automatic success issue
- Changed starting money amount
- Akeem's model now has proper physics applied
- Removed buggy cop in Empire Arms Hotel
- Changed inspection occult items to avoid duplicates with quest givers
- Changed Assamite Vizier to proper clan logo in character sheet
- Removed Presence, Auspex, and Fortitude first person view emitter
- Fixed Online Bank Hacking bug where you wouldn't receive money
- Beachhouse and Gimble's basement stay unlocked after quest completion
- Key of Alamut occult item not using the proper trait effect
- Normal fists are removed if player has Fang of Vukodlak after shapeshifting
- Apep's claws and Fiery fists no longer show in the inventory
- Created prostitute trigger for pier hooker
- Fixed no hands bug in tutorial
- Adjusted damage for Daimoinon 3: Conflagration
- Raised damage of the Bush Hook and Nodachi
- Readjusted volume for Main Menu and Character Sheet music
- Improved Akeem's lip movements (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Lily's cutscene for female models (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Silvia's black bar on facial model (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Flynn's eye issue on facial model (Thanks DDLullu)

New Content
- Clan Followers of Set are now the Warriors of Set
- Created "For the Greater Good" side quest for all clans
- Can blackmail Gary with a photo for a new powerful occult item
- Presence 3-5 influences NPCs during dialogue (No blood required)
- Presence duration reduced to balance with new dialogue ability
- Items will not appear without appropriate Inspection level for all maps
- Auspex now reveals hidden items in real-time
- Auspex duration reduced to balance with new reveal ability
- Created progressive particle effect for Auspex and redesigned visuals/sound
- New items have been placed on all maps for new Inspection System
- Trip now sells a bottle of Morphine
- Malcolm and his patient leave when Heather does
- Silvia Black sends email to the player upon arriving in Santa Monica
- Pisha's fetish items require Inspection 4 to see
- Bertram's CD requires Inspection 7 to see
- Fang of Vukodlak is cursed and cannot be removed once worn
- Restored all PC models for introduction scene
- Use Inspection 4 to uncover Gimble's plot and earn XP
- Changed eyes for Osebo and Samedi models
- Persuasion was changed to Inspection to reveal information on the Gargoyle
- Rebalanced experience gain
- Rebalanced Haggle money rewards
- Occult items resell value 75% of base value
- New music for ending credits

NOTE: All System Charts such as the Weapon stats, Frenzy Timer, Haggle System, Blood Doll %, and Masquerade Violations can be found at our website:

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Zer0morph - - 674 comments

I couldn't find the thread on our forum where we talked about it, otherwise I would've posted it for you. But in short, we had 3 clans with Obfuscate and 1 clan with Potence, by changing the Followers to the Warriors we balanced that out. Now TFN has 2 clans with Obfuscate and 2 clans with Potence.

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Guest - - 692,480 comments

I was wondering if Unofficial Patch 9.4 will be compatible with this version of TFN.

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