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This is the latest update for Red Alert 3 Reloaded.

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I apologize for the short release delay, but I finally got this full mod released again today with some changes and fixes. So that once being said, this is the final full version of RA3 Reloaded and any future remaining changes will be issued via patches. The only cancellation change in this mod was attempting an addition of the Soviet Mammoth Tank which wind up having a decent design, so I decided not to include it.

Part one:
Part two:
You must download both parts in order to complete the extraction of the mod.

So here are the RA3 Reloaded Version 1.1 changes:
• All Uprising units no longer use asset files when compiled except for the Northern Russia art and the Chief Scientist sound assets (this led to an issue where sound cannot be played for the Chief Scientist unit video).
• All Uprising maps have been re-modified for zooming enhancement for the last time.
• Added two more AcidCrash maps (Battlebase Tera and Zero Island) into the mod. (with permission)
• Fixed an issue when Ursa Major dies from radiation. It’s now using the War Bear death animation.
• Fixed an issue when the Soviet Construction Yard cannot unpack into a MCV. Due to this fixed issue, the Crusher Crane can now only build the new Soviet Structures in-game.
• Soviet Apocalypse Tank cost increases to 2500/25. Crush deceleration decreased to 50% from 80%.
• Soviet V4 Rocket Launcher is now using its RA2 unit taunts instead of the female taunts.
• Soviet Terror Drone moved to the infantry build section. Requires War Factory to be built.
• Changed experience values for the Greater King Oni, Giga Fortress and Shogun Executioner.
• Attack Dog and War Bear will no longer attack Cyro Legionnaire and Desolator Trooper.
• Armor damage from guns reduced to 33% from 50% to all structures in-game.

For the version 1.0 changes, read here:

adj - - 2 comments

how can i fix the update, it does't work

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Reinc - - 28 comments

"File not found".

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s10055072 - - 59 comments

Yes!'s files all is not working!!!(Error:File not found)

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PurpleGaga27 Author
PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

I don't have a problem with the links. Depending on where you are downloading the files, anything that is blocked in your browser will prevent you downloading the files from GameFront. You may have to refresh the link if it doesn't work the first time.

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Guest - - 692,518 comments

Well, can't seem to get this mod to work. Downloaded it, when to load it, says my serial key is invalid. I mean, okay. Ultimate collection just won't load anything. Used Bibber's fixed launchers, too. Any tips?

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