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The next stage is Sotha Sil Expanded is finished, marking another milestone.

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Once again, another portion of Sotha Sil Expanded is complete; the mighty and death-tactular Fabricant Foundry.
Probably the largest area of Sotha Sil, the player will enter the foundry and be tasked with repairing the damage it is has suffered. Puzzles are featured throughout, but more important the player will have to face harrowing obstacles. Giant grinders, crushers, and welding machines all construct the fabricants, with no regard for the player's safety, so watch your step.
Screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Of course, what comes next is the thing you've all been waiting for, the city itself. Heading the design team for that particular portion is Knots, known for Unification Compilation and writer of the well known Knot's Guide.

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