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Greetings commanders! We have some big news to share with you, some sad and some exciting. Some of you may have noticed that for the past few months, Lupus has been holding the reins as leader of the project in place of LucasSK. What was initially meant to be a temporary situation has become permanent, as Lucas has decided to leave the project for good due to a lack of time and wanting to pursue other ventures.

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So with the mod's founder gone, what does the future hold?

A lot of the current staff have put many hours and a lot of passion into TR, and would hate to see that go. On the other hand a lot of us are not excited at the idea of trying to realize what was essentially Lucas' very personal vision for the mod. So after much deliberation, we have decided that TR is going to undergo a rebranding. Basically, we want to take all the parts that we love about TR, and take this opportunity to continue with those under a new name and creative vision of our own.

We hope to soon present to you Tiberium Metamorphosis, the spiritual successor to Tiberium Resurrection. This new version of the project will be co-lead by Lupus, the author of our unit models and most of our music, and Tiberius who has been largely responsible for gameplay design and balancing since the mod began. The mod's setting will largely stay the same, taking place between the events of Firestorm and Kane's Wrath. As will it's unit rosters and gameplay, which we are actively polishing for the new version. But our approach to storytelling and playable content will be different. Missions will follow a stand-alone model, meaning they will be self-contained stories, still fitting within the overall lore, but not strung together into one big campaign. This gives us more freedom to develop mission ideas and handle the workload of mission scripting as a team, hopefully meaning we can put out more content.

On the technical side of things, we are also taking this opportunity to start off a fresh codebase built from the latest TS client, re-implementing and cleaning up the mod's assets. TR's first year saw a lot of contributors come and go, shifting art directions and rewrites, as well as Lucas and the rest of us sort of finding our footing and building our skills as modders. This has resulted in some messy code and the mod's tone and style being a little all over the place. We are taking time to figure out better systems for how we develop and setting a cohesive direction for the project. So bear with us while we sort this all out, as it will make things a lot easier for us to make, and more stable for you to play.

The metamorphosis is upon us, and we hope to see you all for our first release! During this transition we need testers more than ever, so if you want to help us throw either lead a message.

P.S. The changes to the main Discord server and to the various text channels spread around the C&C community will take a while to implement, so bear with us while we sift through everything.

---End of Lupus' message---

---Excerpt from Lucas' message---

Hello folks, this is my last announcement here. Frankly, I am not even sure what to write 😆

As said above, I am leaving the project due to personal reasons and I don't think it should be expanded further here. I do believe Lupus will make a great mod-lead with the rest of the staff standing behind him.

I would like to thank you all for being here with me, supporting and helping me. Remember to stay true to yourself, do what you enjoy in life and work on yourself - whatever you want to achieve is possible!

I thought about this and believe leaving is my best bet at the moment. However, I will still be available on discord in my DMs or on my personal accounts. Should you want to stay in touch, just send me a friend request on Discord or ask for my name on FB.

Goodbye 👋


Good luck to you Lucas. Your Project that I've been following and even playing for so long truly was something special and very unique. I wish you best of luck for your future and while I personally dislike the idea of abandoning something incomplete I do understand that priorities shift and change. Many of us started our modding careers in our early 20s most of us are now in their mid 30s. It's time to let a new generation of modders take over or in TR's case your 2nd in command.

I'm looking forward to see what Tiberium Metamorphosis will bring us in the long term. I'm a little sad to read that a master grand Campaign for both factions won't be continued but as a modder myself I certainly understand the benefits of shorter stories and mission campaigns.

So good luck to the new lead and the remaining team. I'm sure it'll rule.

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