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Here's my opinion of the Clone wars in a news article because it is going to be longer than a standard comment (please do not delete)

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So it is upon us. The end of the clone wars television show.

I must admit was one of those people when the movie came out that was slightly pissed off
that they introduced Ahsoka as anakin's padawan, and replaced Arc Trooper Alpha - 17 with Captain Rex. I knew from then that the comic's that I read and enjoyed were going to made obsolete. But as the 1st series progressed I started to not care about that and began to get used to the Characters and now I like them.

I remember watching the Malevolence arc when it all started (which is now my favourite) looking at those Y-wings and thinking "you know this might not be bad after all". Although I disagree with something like the Chancellor Assassination arc in series 4 (it was slightly boring and wasted some good battle time) and the Battle of Cato Niemoidia without Obi involved (contradicting what he said in ROTS) it has been a good run. Now the end is nigh, in next few episodes we will hopefully see the Clovis arc meant for the last series, the return of Trench and Hopefully the Death of Maul.

I highly doubt that Ahsoka will return, if she does, she will die although her ending should stay the same because it allows her go with dignity. This Series cleared up most of the 3/4 year period between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and has done it well. A sad thing is that we will never see the stories we wished to see, for example what happened to Hondo and man of the other characters that was introduced over the series and some of the major battles towards the end and might even a more fuller Battle of Coruscant .

Now to the Bad side, as I have already said there some bad points in the show, for example I hardly ever re - watch season 3 because It is too bogged down in the politics of the war (I will get this later) and Characters like Cad Bane ( a complete rip off Jango/Boba fett although defiantly not as awesome, Durge would have been a far better choice) as well as the b1 battle droids playing stupid all of the time, and the stupid little side adventures that take up episodes like the young ling arc, D-squad and the R2 and C3PO adventures in season 4,there are some more points but I have limited time. Another thing I enjoyed about the series is they made each clone different from the rest and gave them each a unique personality and proved the are more than just mindless drones and are capable soldiers.

Throughout the series the managed to display realistic battles (although some of the space battles were slightly smaller than I would have hoped) in the way that the battles were fought between the clones and the droids. A way in which this clone wars trumps the pre-2008 clone wars is that it goes to more in-depth in to the politics of the clone wars and it shows how the republic slowly turned into the empire as well as public opinion slowly turning against the jedi.

On a ending note, this is a modding site and the show have influenced a lot of modders including me with my dream to become a successful actor expanding into voice acting. It’s a good note that the show is ending so people will badgering modders to put new units/heroes/planets into their mods every time an episode has aired. But it has contributed to the successful EAW mods like “Republic at War” and the yet to released “Clone wars mod v4” (good luck to the Clone Wars mod team as well as the Sub-mod team) and a few Battlefront mods that still keep elements of the pre- 2008 clone wars as well as new clone wars. and good luck to all other Clone war themed mods


Before I start reading may I recomended you use space in the future so it won't be a huge block of text more fun to read with "air" between the lines.

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Svenwalker94 Author

oh yeah, thanks man :)

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erm, i hope you got permission to link this to those selected groups, if i start getting **** for this im not going to be too happy

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There is still going to happen something between Obi-Wan & Anakin on Cato Nemodia because that battle or at least a battle in that system is still ongoing in episode 3 and now that Ahsoka isn't going to help Anakin we can presume Obi-Wan is sendt with Anakin to Nemodia shortly after this Ahsoka arc.

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