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Kicking off a series of summer blogs, we have a special preview for you this week. Over the last month we've been holding off on previewing a lot of our content until the Eden Star website goes live, so keep an eye on this space...

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So what are we actually up to? We've been hard at work developing a preview trailer for the game itself, to showcase how we want the the final game to feel. In parallel we've been coding away equally as hard at the gameplay, which we will be featuring more later in the summer.

To cast more light on the games atmosphere and lore we will be doing several features on an upcoming trailer. This weeks development snippet has been put together by myself, Matt, the art director here at Flix.

This is by far one of the larger game assets I've been developing, I’m going to briefly present the Eden Star herself! which I've been working on for the past month, detailing, and getting the large scale feel right. The ship design came about from many different movie and game influences, and is quite monstrous in terms of real world size.

The images shown are taken from mesh development to a glimpse of her near to final appearance in Engine.

Model development of the FCV Eden Star

So a bit of information about the ship...

The Eden Star is a Frontier Class Migration Vessel (FCMV) sent out to Pharus 07. Her mission - to support and deploy teams of colonists and miners that you are spearheading, mainly for acquisition of rare and exotic resources which ultimately is one of the games focal mechanics. She is about 1 km in length and supports a crew compliment of 2,500. She is also the first vessel to of been sent out this far, kitted out for deep space colonisation and advanced deploy-able hardware for Terra forming.

The Eden Star in Orbit of Pharus 07

I'll leave it short and sweet as I've been told I can't spoil too much...

Next week we’ll be previewing some more aspects of the games visuals, with some very beautiful concept pieces from one of our resident ninja artists - Gavin Li.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're as excited as I am about this year!

Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

She looks really beautiful and the whole game looks really promising. Immersive survival gameplay, interaction and experiments with the environment, i could imagine that this game has the potential to be the head of the upcoming games in this genre.

Can't wait to hear and see more about the squiddylike machines at the logo from the overview page.

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Wolf0x - - 437 comments

Very nice

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[Tox(sic)] - - 344 comments

Those are pretty beautiful

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Jonny_T - - 118 comments

Anyone want Matt to Upload HD versions of the images to the gallery? Maybe a few different renders?! (Sort it out Matt :) )

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clarky006 Author
clarky006 - - 18 comments

On the way very soon :) !

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Guest - - 689,284 comments

That's beautiful! I am incredibly excited about Eden Star!

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Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

+1 mistyped sry for that...damn smartphone

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Jonny_T - - 118 comments

Big thanks for the support, what do you want to see in Eden Star? When we launch the website we will reveal more about the core gameplay, but what are your preconceptions and how can we get you even MOAR invested?!

For example - I'd like to see social multiplayer and co-op play...

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Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

The most important things for me are immersion and details, these aspects are often neglected in other games. So i want to see more about things like the eden kit and the expanding universe, charackter development and the interaction with the environment. how can i be a part or manipulate the environment etc.! just seen that and now i am stunned

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Zumf - - 27 comments

Watch this space! We don't want to show all our cards at this early stage, but you can be sure we'll be filling in the blanks over the coming months! When the forums are live we'll put the word out and get some proper discussion going.

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