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We have finally managed to figure out a concept for TDM singleplayer. Now the question is, should we publih Multiplayer first, or delay the release and release both, SP and MP at the same time?

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The Duel Mod was primarily meant as a multiplayer module for Warband. Now, as the development progresses, I have figured out a way how I could create a singleplayer game different from anything else that has been done in Warband before:

A world focused on duelling. You start in one city, and the only way to level up and improve your character is participating in Duel tournaments. Every time a tournament is won, the player unlocks something. Every couple of times he wins, he unlocks a new location and may proceed to fight there. The difficulty increases every time the player moves forward.

Should this tournament system be in addition to a normal, obviously modified SP version? Should a normal, modified SP version be available?

We ask you! Do you want TDM to release as MP mod at first and update with a SP version after? Or should we publish both at the same time, and delay the release?

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. We appreciate any comment on this, as it is a huge decision :D

termos - - 56 comments

I think You should focus on MP and then You can add SP :)

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Gimblob - - 177 comments

First Mp then Sp

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Durska - - 72 comments

Multiplayer of course :-)

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Mongolranger - - 227 comments

Im liking the single player idea. Love your work, thank you for making this, merry christmas, I love you guys. BUT.
The first thing that comes to my mind when dueling NPCs is how easily they are defeated. All you have to do is fake swing and then they stop blocking. When it comes to dueling 1v1 (bots) this would be a huge problem: too easy.This is unless you are modding the AI. That seems like a lot of work. What are your thoughts on this?
The singleplayer idea also kinda reminds me of the original idea for elder scrolls: Arena.

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Yldrania Author
Yldrania - - 1,189 comments

Thank you for your positive feedback, and merry christmas to you as well!
I have noticed the issue with the NPC's as well. However, it is very easy to increase the difficulty by increasing the speed of enemy attacks. Obviously, that is not going to be enough to put variation into this. Changing the AI of the NPC's is a lot of work, but exactly what I was planning on doing. That means variety and increasing difficulty is going to be well provided.
I haven't really played TES: Arena so I can't comment on that part, however, I think the M&B Warband aspect will be kept well enough to recognize the game, and exclude close references to other games. Obviously, if TES: Arena was about duelling, The Duel Mod will have something in common with it, but I definetely am not copying their concept.

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Mongolranger - - 227 comments

That really sounds awesome. I am exited to see something new done differently with single-player. Improving the AI sounds like quite the task.

The original idea with Arena was the player would go around city to city and fight in a gladiator arena, and progress and ****. I just liked the little comparison. You are in no way copying that. I just brought it up.

Best of luck on your project. I will be awaiting updates (;

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FreedomhZ - - 35 comments

sp first

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Yldrania Author
Yldrania - - 1,189 comments

The way it looks right now is that we will probably delay everything and create a singleplayer version first. However, that is not completely certain yet, as everything seems to be quite even...

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Varulv - - 243 comments


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