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The Criidaar, moving, but not leaving, Apologies from MelvinVM.

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We've recently got news that MelvinVM is moving his focus to a different mod, but will still contribute his new race to this when it gets done. Melvin hopes everyone is okay with it, as the Galactic Council mod has the goal he wants to achieve, as well as his friends are working there.

He will still show and release his magnificent new race here if wanted.
But for the ones interested in who the criidaar are, the Galactic Council mod will have the Criidaar as a addon story-wise as well, so those interested will read who the Criidaar are, when the first post on the Galactic Council mod page from the Criidaar arrives.

As a sorry gift for those disappointed, he's sending his latest ships to moddb now and as well he uploaded a work in progress logo.

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