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A blog explaining how I created the world map and the ideas I have with it in the future.

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Pixel Creatures Arena World Map

Hello everyone, Patrick here again. Today I am gonna talk about the title screen or world map of the game. I will talk about what I did and why and ofcourse supply you with some screenshots.

So, first of, the idea. My idea was to create a world map so the player could choose where to go to and fight monsters. It would be cool to have different regions and different monsters in that region and overall I really like the idea.

Because the style I had with the game was pixel, I wanted my map to have the same feeling. I googled a bit, found some examples and created my own map because of it. Every dot here is a city that the player can go to.

However, after some time I didn't really liked it so I tried a real world map and that really doesn't fit the feel of this game, so I went back to this one and decided to pretty it up a bit.

First off, I didn't like the idea of being able to go to every place, especially not if you are on a mobile phone and you are trying to press on one of those small dots. So I make a small sprite to show the places the player could go to. However, after some testing (The places are random) I liked it, but it was missing something. Players shouldn't find the same monsters in Asia as in America so it was time to change that.

This is the sprite used to generate the map. Every color represents a continent. And with this I could create this:

A nicer world map with some nice colors. This looked a lot better than just the white color and was something I could work with.

Then I placed the markers back and made sure that I could set the max amount of markers of every continent (Currently 5 per continent). And in the future I will be able to set the number of monsters, the variety of monsters etc.

So, this is how it currently looks. We have the text below for the tutorial that I still have to make and to the left is a button to get you to your team and customize it. Looking back, this looks a lot better than what I had first.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hoped you guys liked knowing the things I think about and what is going on with the game. Also, thanks to the people on Discord for helping me with the design of this.

See you guys soon,

Patrick de Mooij

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