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It's been a long time. A long time since we've posted any real update. A long time since we've moved forward. All the waiting and anticipation...

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Our latest article we made is almost 8 months ago, and I noticed allot of concern regarding Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved under the community. Like is the development still going, and yes it is, but because we are a small group we cant spit out screenshots, renders, and other content out like other mods do. And we hope you understand that, so what that said again lets get starting with introducing our latest addition to the mod.

Brief history for the people that are not familiar with the Halo lore.

The Covenant:

The Covenant Empire, also referred to as The Covenant, was a theocratic hegemony made up of multiple alien species that maintained control over a large portion of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. The Covenant was a political, military, and religious affiliation, originally a mutual alliance between the San 'Shyuum and Sangheili following a brutal conflict between the two warring races. Its expansion to include at least six other races united in the worship of the Forerunners and the Halo Array soon began after the original formation.

The Covenant Empire Faction Logo

Covenant land based vehicles:

Covenant vehicles use advanced anti-gravity technology for propulsion, and are armed with directed-energy weaponry of varying potency. Though often faster than their UNSC counterparts, Covenant vehicles are more unstable over uneven terrain where the sudden changes affect handling. All Covenant vehicles (except for Jiralhanae vehicles) and structures are made from a purple or dark blue type of metal, said to be much more advanced than any alloy known to humans,

Spectre: The Spectre is a multi-sized, multi-troop armored transport vehicle of the Covenant military. The Spectre, like many other Covenant vehicles, has the ability to rapidly increase its speed with the aid of propulsion drive, but at the cost of great maneuverability.

Covenant Spectre Covenant Shadow

Shadow: The Shadow is a dedicated troop and vehicle transport machine of the Covenant, similar to the UNSC Warthog and the UNSC Elephant. As such, it is not an offensive vehicle, and due to its low speed, it can be characterised as slow and cumbersome. However, it possesses a powerful defensive plasma turret (similar to the Elephant's turret), which is used solely for defense.

Covenant Revenant Covenant Ghost

Revenant: The Revenant is a light infantry support vehicle, the Revenant is one of the few vehicles produced by Merchants of Qikost and is an example of Covenant private sector innovation.

Ghost: The Ghost is a one-person gravity-effect vehicle primarily used in a reconnaissance and close infantry support or rapid attack role. Known for its speed and maneuverability

Covenant Brute Chopper

Brute Chopper: The Brute Chopper is a heavily-armored, dual-wheeled assault vehicle, kept aloft by a gravity array under the seat at the rear and a massive double wheel in the front (which supports the vehicle's balance by its axis of gravity). The Chopper is best described as an "anti-anything" vehicle. Its powerful 35mm auto-cannons can take down most light ground vehicles with ease.

Covenant Military:

The Covenant Army comprises the majority of the Covenant's ground-based infantry and units; its purpose is to invade enemy positions and hold them after annexation as a means of military defence and uses a variety of equipment and weaponry. Primarily led by the Jiralhanae (and formerly by the Sangheili, including the former Arbiters), the army is comprised of most of the military-service races who act as infantry, or, in the case of Mgalekgolo, as mobile weapon platforms and shock troops.

Brute: The Jiralhanae (Latin, Ferus Servire, translated to "Wild Slave"), known by humans as Brutes, are the most recent members of the Covenant. They are a large, bipedal, giant ape-like species from Doisac.

Covenant Brute Covenant Elite

Elite: The Sangheili (Latin Macto Cognatus meaning "I glorify my kin") are a saurian species of strong, proud, and intelligent warriors, as well as skilled combat tacticians. The Sangheili are named after their home planet, Sanghelios.

Covenant Grunt Covenant Hunter

Grunt: The Unggoy (Latin, Monachus Frigus, meaning "cold monk") is a species of squat bipedal vertebrates in the unified races of the Covenant Empire. They are the lowest-ranking species in the hierarchy, and are frequently mistreated by almost every higher-ranking race.

Hunter: Mgalekgolo (Ophis congregatio), more commonly known as Hunters, are a unique gestalt of smaller creatures known as Lekgolo, which are orange, worm-like creatures. When grouped together to form a Mgalekgolo, Lekgolo exponentially increase their intelligence, strength, and maneuverability.

Covenant architecture:

Covenant Barracks Covenant Vehicle Factory

Covenant Barracks: The Covenant Barracks is home to the Well-trained and numerous infantry of the Covenant Forces. Grunts lead by Elites, Jackals, and Hunters are trained here. The different races are housed separately according to their status in the caste system.

Covenant Vehicle Factory: The Covenant Vehicle Factory is where the Covenant build all there land bass vehicle's from a Ghost, to the destructive Wraith.

Covenant Landingpad Covenant Powerplant

Covenant Landing pad: The Covenant landing pad is the main structure of the Covenant where you can construct aerial vehicles like the Covenant Banshee, Spirit, Phantom and other aerial vehicles.

Covenant Plasma Generator: The Covenant Plasma Generator is the Covenant version of the UNSC Nuclear Reactor. However the Plasma Generator can not be upgraded to generate more power whole the Human counter part can.

Covenant Prophets Chamber

Covenant Prophets Chamber: The Covenant Prophets Chamber is the main structure of The Covenant empire, and function the same as the UNSC Counter Part. When the Prophets Chamber is destroyed, The Covenant empire is unable to expend there bases until a new Prophets chamber is constructed.

The End:

Finally I want to thank everyone who voted for us for in Mod of the Year 2015 competition, we made it in the top 100 from the +2000 mods on Moddb. Now round 2 started and only 100 mods are left, we kindly ask you again to vote fur us and your other favorite mods aswel.

Moty 2015

MattTheLegoman - - 1,258 comments

Fantastic guys! =D

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grimmlooter - - 109 comments

Absolutely friggin' awesome. Cannot wait.

Would like to see some more info regarding the UNSC, however.

*Puppy eyes*.

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nightovizard - - 1,462 comments

Wonder if we are going to see jackals/skirmishers and drones. I can understand if drones aren't added as they fly, but jackals/skirmishers should be added without any doubt, both for sniper/marksmen and regular infantry with plasma pistols and shields.

If you need some references for other covenant or unsc stuff:

It is nice to see covenant buildings, but if you have not started with defensive turrets yet then take a look at:

H3 turret:
H4 turret:
H5 turret:
H3 automatic turret:
H2 plasma artillery:

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DaViperDragon - - 424 comments

Any Jackals coming?

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