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Here I'll credit all the lovely creative minds that allowed me to use their resources during the production of Conquerors of Coultchorn. Without them, this mod wouldn't have gotten far in development at all.

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Tocan's Calradia
-malik faris
-lord samuel
-sir kornin
-diplomacy, freelancer, floris + native expansion mod team
Crusader's Way to Expiation OSP - Crusaders Way to Expiation Team
Medieval and Renaissance Weapons - Lucas the Benevolent
iggorbb OSP - iggorbb
Narf's Plate Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink
Spak Items - Spak
BrustwarzenLenny's Stuff - BrustwarzenLenny
Steam Punk and Costume OSP - -IYI-O-R-T-
OSP Helmets
-The Pope
Fred's bunch o' armours - Fredelios
Pino's Armour Pack - pino69
Warband Gold Plate Armor OSP - Lor Dric
OSP Animation Variety Mod - jacobhinds
Gaolu Female Heads - Gaolu
Lucas' Weapons OSP
-Lucas the Benevolent
-Narf of Picklestink
Al Mansur Packs - Al_Mansur
Jan Tuma's Sturmhaube Helmets - Tumajan
Rath0s Shields - Rath0s
Viking model Pack - dejawolf
Waewulf's Light Pack - Waewulf
Lors Horses OSP - Lor Dric
28 OSP war horses - Akosmo
OSP Warband Item Variants - Thick1988
Historic Lords Project Volumes 1 and 2 - Thick1988
The Colored Lances Project - FrisianDude
Bronze Warrior Model Pack - amade
Classical Italian/Roman Items - Gothic Knight
Gothic Knight's Greek/Macedonian Items - Gothic Knight
maw's Armor Pack - maw
Eastern Items OSP - Njunja
The Dracaena Marginata Resources - dragos
Utrehd's Music Pack - utrehd and renjejorst
Yoman's helmets/coifs - Yoman Jenkins
Fell's Khazak Armor Pack - Frell
TG's Ancient Armory - Time Golem
Highlander Models - Yamabusi
WEe's Helmets/Shiels/Weapons - mr.master
Ficus' Roman Pack - ficus
Fantasy-ish map OSP - Kazzan
The Last Days OSP - TLD team and Composer Vladan Zivanovic @ (
OSP itempack - Akosmo
OSP Map Icons - Akosmo
XIII Century Eastern Europe - Max_Marksman and Vankod
OSP Indo-Persian Shields - drakharios
OSP Map Icons Pack - Slawomir of Aaarrghh
15 Century Englyshe Plate Armor Pack - Baraban Sternaxe
Count's retexturing guild OSP - Count of Flanders
Open Source Project Weapons - James (jam), Luigi (lui), RR_Raptor65 (rrr), The Pope (pop)
Teutonic and Lithuanian Items - Kovas, Brego, MADTAO
Age of Machinery - Highlander
SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set - SacredStoneHead
Stylize HUD mini-interface - FALX

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