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Hi! Amidst the ukranian crysis I thought about sharing a progress report and where things are going. Here it goes..

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Things haven't been going too well recently, globally and with the mod as well. Pandemia basically became a one-man project, other than Lester and Sabatu working on their own pieces still, and the work that is left is immense, the entire story, new mechanics and map finalizations are on my plate, in addition with a whole new finale bossfight level I'm currently working on. Here's some progress I made with that.

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I shared a music piece a few days ago from the original soundtrack made for Pandemia, by Logan Felber, here it is also, if some of you haven't heard it.

-- Elden Ring's arrival --

A new game by FromSoftware recently landed, it's been pretty famous for a while. As I've been a long-time fan of their games, and many of the inspirations behind the current mod originate from those titles, I jumped in immediately.
For this month especially, it will occupy most of my free time and I'll be sure to gather as much story and design inspiration as I can.

Elden Ring PC Guru próbakör

---- Looking for possible help?

I recently found out many crashes occur during the mod's current version with no traceable origin, and I'm at a loss as to how to fix them right now. I received technical support by both DnaLange, and Nutboi in the past, it's just most of those issues are now solved, with new ones coming up to replace them. If there would be anyone around with source code knowledge, or just a deep understanding of the HPL2 engine in general, it would be a huge help for me for troubleshooting it all, with this being a mostly one-man project at the moment.

Now for a possible release date.. I'm not giving up on the mod in any scenario, most of the levels work as intended and have good progress, and we've come too far to give up anytime soon. With the release of aforementioned game, I'd say the earliest possible release date is the second half of this year, and that if I get some support. I'll be taking a little bit of a break for said reasons, and the current situation going on in the world, playing and living my life outside, but I'll be back at it when I can, especially if some assistance is provided.

Take care and stay safe!

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