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I have always loved the atmosphere of an arcade and the adventure of playing all of the machines for useless trinkets. The lights, the sounds, the robots..... Wait what? Robots? You'll see soon enough. It will be an adventure of pure utter time wasting. Because here at devotid Media. We take wasting your time extremely serious.

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TCG MAIN Capsule

The Coin Game is a new game from indie developer devotid Media that is complete with true arcade realism spending all your money, chugging caffeine drinks, Waiting in line for machines, eating Cheesy Poofs and don't forget the winning of worthless silly prizes! If this sounds like a challenge you are up to.... then read on my friend.

Do you love old fashioned coin pusher machines? New high tech ticket redemption arcades? Great! Because now you can relax from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the thrill of playing today's and yesteryear's best arcade games. All machines are physics/realism based and will entertain for hours. Win piles of tickets and feed them to the ticket eater and then exchange them for silly fun prizes at the Prize Counter. Run out of money? No problem. You can sell your slightly used arcade prizes to the arcade owners brother Barry who runs a bootleg toy company next door. He will always be looking to buy different prizes at different fluctuating prices so be sure to hold on to them until he is willing to pay top dollar.

Being a more physics oriented developer at the core (ie; Racing Games /Vehicle Physics) I wanted to make sure to nail all the physics of each machine and it's "little quirks" but I also did not want the arcade and the experience to feel alone and repetitious. So hence the adventure side started to unfold. My wife/Game dev partner and I have been playing many survival/adventure games lately and thought it would be fun to add this to a regular arcade style game. The idea of going to an arcade to "prevail or conquer" the place is all over youtube videos nowadays. Its no longer about the fun of just going to waste some money and enjoy what happens but instead its an army of camera wielding youths trying to empty every machine in record time. So we thought it would be fun to add some of these elements to our new game. We will be releasing more info when it is ready but wanted to let our fellow arcade enthusiasts that it is being built.

We also wanted to lets users know that you will still be able to play the game in a fun relaxed "time wasting" infinite money mode. (called "it's Your Birthday Mode"). In this mode you will be able to just play all the games and enjoy them without all the fuss of trying to survive and chug devotid dews or eat cheesy poofs from a vending machine just to stay alive. It will be just a normal arcade like you are used to.

The Early Access game will be changing and evolving through the early access version and will be around $9.99 when released in Q4 2018. Make sure to add The Coin Game to your wishlist on Steam to get more info on the coming release and info of the game. The Coin Game Store Page Here

Current List of Games: I am planning on adding many more games throughout the early access version. You can see them in the arcade as Crated Boxes that are not unpacked yet.

The first playable release is planned for Q4 2018

Dunk-o: Coin Pusher with bonus wheels and Bonus Menu mode

Treasure in the Sand: Coin Pusher variance

Prize Master: Skill based plunger style redemption game

Claw Machine: Standard Claw machine with Round Ticket Rolls

Hockey Hut: Sweeping arm pusher for Ticket Pucks with Bonus Mode

Mega Drop: Bouncy Ball drop with Rotating points table with Jack Pot and Bonus Mode

Soda Machine: Refresh your thirst and hunger with a ice cold Devotid Soda.

Vending Machines: Cheesy Poofs. This one is self explanatory. Who doesnt love cheesy poofs? Also helps you to survive.

Barrys Prize Market Machine: Sell your old slightly used prizes to the neighbor Barry for more cash.

Barrys Cash Machine: Collect your payments for selling prizes to the neighbor Pawn shop Barry.

Early pre-release Screen shots:

TCG 01

TCG 06

TCG 07

TCG 05

TCG 08

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