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Write-able board, weather effects, longer demo, bug fixes...Self taught back alley black market-y chemistry at its best!

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Cue impressive entry music, here it is!

The Chemist - Demo - 3rd build - 64bit


  1. Demo now ends at 4th level instead of 3rd. More game!
  2. Write-able white board
  3. Weather system, currently including rain storm and hail
  4. Difficulty changes now more significant, most importantly Casual should be noticeably easier now
  5. Saved ourselves from getting sued due to a trademark issue, cheers @TinyPirate
  6. GPU optimization, should require considerably less memory now on low end cards
  7. Removed the "welcome to demo" message from game start, it was causing problems for many people
  8. Added a "temp.ini" file to \Chemist\Saved\Config where you can force the game to start in windowed mode
  9. Bug fix: menu buttons not registering mouse hovering upon game launch
  10. Bug fix: mixer machine flask detection should be completely fixed now
  11. Bug fix: mixer machine getting stuck when loading from in-game
  12. Bug fix: mixer machine prestige reward duplication by saving/loading
  13. Bug fix: property and trait tooltips being invisible on certain screens
  14. Bug fix: some game sounds were registered as menu sounds

It's amazing that The Chemist has seen this much attention! With all this received feedback I couldn't help but over-work myself to push out this update to add&tweak stuff that was recommended to us and to fix those pesky bugs. Cheers to everyone taking their time to download and try out the game!

Next up on the to-do list (hopefully if there are no major bugs in this build) is the actual black-market content and mechanics!

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