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The Capture Worlds its on steam starting April 20 on early access!

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The Capture Worlds on Steam Early Access!

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Hello everyone! Worlds developer again hope you having a great day.
The Capture Worlds it's now on steam on April 20!

Since last update i added few new things like:

  • Day-Night cycle system
  • Fishing system
  • Building system
  • Npcs battles
  • Day of the week system
  • Increase the Monsters from 34 to 50.

04 14 2018 1

04 04 2018 2 1

And i'm working in adding Steam Workshop right now and hope to have the first part ready soon, that will allow anyone to create and share their own mods with new maps,new monsters and more!

04 16 2018 2 1
03 26 2018 3 1

Future Of The Project:

I will be working on polishing the game more with sound,2d and new and better Monsters.
I hope to make a road map soon and put it in the steam community so you can see what will be added next to the game.As for the multiplayer part i do want to add some and i will start with a 1 vs 1 battles and later a co-op if possible!
Your opinion is important and because of that i will be adding the “ideas” section to the steam community discussion section where you can post what you think will add to have a better experience in the game.

Facebook Page: Worlds Facebook Page
Tweeter: Wordls Tweeter
Steam: The Capture Worlds

And Again Thanks for all of your support!

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