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This is the awaited fix for V0.3.0 that changes and fixes numerous things. Change-log is below.

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The Bush Mod version 0.3.1 is finally released! 0.3.1 contains quite a few things fixed and even more things changed, and addresses the main issues of version 0.3.0.

V0.3.1 "God Da**it" Changes
-Supervise ability requirement removed, production speed bonus increased: 2 --> 2.2
-Quad 20mms PROPERLY buffed this time
-Some weapon stat modifications
-Some UI text changes
-Trench Patch Job cost reduced: 50 Munitions --> 35
-Some infantry production times re-arranged
-Panzer IV Ausf. H cost changed, identical to the 75mm Sherman
-Panther HP increased: 742 HP --> 1100
-Tiger II "King Tiger" HP increased: 2000 HP --> 2500
-Panther fuel cost increased: 110 fuel --> 150
-Supply Trucks fixed(Hopefully, I'm so sorry about them being glitchy and broken as heck)
-AI won't spam certain things(AHEMATGUNS) as much any more
-Some other stuff I guess?

United States Army:
-Captain HP reduced: 360 HP --> 260
-Riflemen are now 460 Manpower
-T17 .50 cal upgrade removed, it's just too buggy
-M26 Pershing HP increased: 990 HP --> 1200
-Hellcat HP reduced: 400 HP --> 300, cost reduced: 55 fuel --> 45
-Super Pershing receives Hero Wings

-LT stats changed: Sten damage reduced: 15 --> 10, HP reduced: 200 --> 150
-Air Recon Command Point cost reduced: 3 CPs --> 1
-Captain stats changed: Revolver damage reduced: 30 --> 20, Accuracy reduced by .5 at all ranges, HP reduced: 350 HP --> 300
-Cromwell HP increased: 636 HP --> 800 HP, Command Tank HP increased: 700 HP --> 900 HP
-Sherman Firefly HP increased: 550 HP --> 636
-Commando paradrop reinforcement fixed, should be enabled completely

-Leutnant HP reduced: 360 HP --> 260

Panzer Elite:
-Panzer IV Ausf. F1(Stubby) tank MGs added, apparently it doesn't have any in vCoH(I never even noticed)
-Slight tank gun modifications so they reflect their Wehrmacht counterparts
-Schultz HP changed: 550 --> 750
-Schultz can now be infiltrated via building or off-map, like Fallschirmjagers
-Schultz receives an MP44 upgrade
-Schultz limit set to 1(Forgot to set it before)
-Schultz receives a Medical Kit ability
-Sdkfz. 251 name fixed
-Fallschirmjager health increased to match Stormtroopers
-PaK 40 reinforcement doesn't cost munitions anymore
-Jagdpanther now requires "Heavy Armor Support", same as the King Tiger
-Hetzer HP increased: 400 --> 742, armor type changed to Panther
-Panzer Grenadier upgrades will now disappear ONLY when there are no more slots in the squad
-Panzer Elite infantry production times drastically reduced
-G43 close-range capabilities improved, Relic set up the G43 as more of a DMR than a simple semi-auto rifle
-Tiger 101 Tank Commander upgrade fixed, he will appear now

You DO NOT NEED V0.3.0 in order to play V0.3.1, it is COMPLETELY STANDALONE! You can download(When it goes live) version 0.3.0 here: The Bush Mod V0.3.1 Full Version

As always, PLEASE report any bugs and/or errors if you see any! Also, be sure to leave any feedback you have and give suggestions on how you feel The Bush Mod can be improved or any ideas you'd like to see in The Bush Mod!

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