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The Bush Mod V0.3.0 HAS been released!! OUDATED: Although Version 0.3.0 is not done, it is quite close to being so! I feel you guys should at least have this teaser which includes the most recent change-log(As of writing this) which contains some things you can expect from this upcoming version, and a few images to accompany some of the changes.

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Although Version 0.3.0 is not done, it is quite close to being so! I feel you guys should at least have this teaser which includes the most recent change-log(As of writing this) which contains some things you can expect from this upcoming version, and a few images to accompany some of the changes.

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V0.3.0 Changes
-MAJOR UI text overhaul
-MAJOR UI picture/texture overhaul (Some unit icons/portaits updated, icons accompany various unit actions, etc.)
-Weapon overhaul
-Trench HP increased: 450 HP --> 550 HP, also receives a self-repair ability
-Demo Charges(Engineers and Sappers) can be placed anywhere
-Flak 88(The gun itself) HP increased: 325 HP --> 350 HP
-Special Forces(Commandos, Airborne, Stormtroopers, Fallschirmjäger) can detect mines and other camouflaged units
-Added a "leader" extension to squad leader blueprint files that were missing them(Just a modder's thing, basically it makes the leader of a squad use hand motions)
-More unit abilities enabled to be used while the squad is garrisoned
-Casualty amount required for a reformed squad changed where it needed to be(Commonwealth/Wehr need 8 men, Panzer Elite needs 6, US Army already needs 12)
-Special units AKA heroes receive "hero wings"(Those yellow bars that surround a unit's HP in Tales of Valor Panzerkrieg and Assault game modes)
-6 Pounder/57mm AP ammunition ability time increased: 10 seconds --> 15 seconds
-Added Supply Trucks, can drop infantry weapons and heavy weapons as well as increase the resource rate of the section they're in
-Some ability ranges/properties re-worked
-More squad leaders have been given automatic weapons
-ALL weapon crews should be able to reinforce now
-Gained EXP re-worked slightly
-Improved squad AI; infantry squads will behave more appropriately
-Out of control range increased: 15 min - 25 max --> 25 min - 35 max
-Wreck smoke and fire times increased: 5 min - 15 max --> 25 min - 60 max
-General game physics and events changes
-Geschutzwagen and Marder III costs changed, they are now 400 MP and 55 fuel
-Some infantry units receive a small HP increase(10)
-Buildings/emplacements now properly show their range(?)
-Mortars and Engineers now have mini-map icons
-More plane goodness!
-Nearly 100% campaign support/integration, including ToV(I might have missed some files, but you should be fine playing all campaign missions)
-Increased starting and maximum population cap

United States Army:
-Hellcat penetration properties re-worked
-M4A3(76)W Sherman gun fixed, penetration properties re-worked
-Motor Pool Manpower cost increased: 240 MP --> 340 MP
-Airborne AT gun will now auto-camouflage, similar to the Airborne themselves
-Airborne camouflage properties changed, it will be a slightly longer time before they camo
-Airborne receives a "Suppressive Fire" ability similar to Panzer Elite's Volley Fire
-Added a Captain "Hero", can inspire troops and has increased health, but it is not recommended to send him in by his self
-A full-stock M1 Carbine was added and given to certain units, has a slightly lower fire rate but is more accurate
-Weapon Crews will not move slow after leaving their weapon
-Para-Drop Supplies has no cost
-Riflemen receive a Grease Gun upgrade, gives 4 Grease Guns
-Ranger squad size increased: 6 men --> 8
-M36 Jackson production time increased: 45 seconds --> 60
-Armor Company gives a T26E4 "Super" Pershing, located in the "Tank Ace Depot", one of a kind

T-26E4 Super Pershing

-Changed Cromwell Command Tank unit ratings
-Commando HP increased: 85 HP --> 90 HP(Same as US Airborne)
-Commandos now get a toggle camouflage ability in replacement of the camouflage-when-still function, similar to Snipers
-Commando camouflage properties changed
-Bren Carriers will now keep their occupants when self-repairing(?)
-Folded PIAT Commandos into an upgrade for Glider Commandos
-Para-dropped Commandos have silenced Sten SMGs, while Glider Commandos have rifles and can be upgraded with Brens and PIATs
-Vickers HMG suppression ability changed: Duration increased from 30 seconds --> 40, recharge time increased from 60 seconds --> 80
-HQ trucks now generate command territory, therefore if your main HQ truck is packed up, you won't lose supplies. In addition; this fixes not being able to build in your base if you are US/Wehr/PE(This is a vanilla issue), and you can build production facilities in the same spots as the HQ trucks(?)
-Sapper health increased 60 HP --> 80
-Infantry Section(And all other Company Commander equivalents) upgrade costs changed: Recon Element and Rifle Grenade is 50 Munitions, Bren gun is 60 Munitions, and Medical Supplies is 75 Munitions
-Lieutenant HP increased: 100 --> 200
-Captain HP Increased: 150 --> 350

-Medical Bunker upgrade automatically healing troops fixed, it will now work properly
-MG42 + Repair/Medical bunker upgrade combos fixed, they will not remove the MG42 any more
-Bunker repair upgrade range increased: 75 meters --> 100 meters
-Hero unit Heinrich Severloh, who was an MG42 gunner reportedly responsible for almost 2,000 casualties on D-Day, is added, requires the Defense Doctrine
-Geschutzwagen cost changed: 280 MP, 55 fuel --> 300 MP, 65 fuel
-Bunker hold size increased: 5 men --> 8 men
-Starting bunkers can be upgraded with the medical and repair upgrades
-Knight's Cross Holders receive a Panzershreck upgrade
-StuG IV accuracy vs. infantry increased, it is now slightly less than the Panzer IV
-Volkssturm units were added, requires Terror Doctrine, found in the HQ. Volkssturm have low HP, they can be suppressed rather easily, but they have a whole mix of weapons

Panzer Elite:
-Panzer Grenadier HP increase: 65 HP --> 80 HP, Assault Grenadiers/Tank Busters are at 85 HP
-Assault Grenadiers now come fully equipped with MP44s(They had 4 MP44s, now they have 6)
-Defensive Operations healing aura increased: 20 meters --> 30 meters
-Scorched Earth receives a special early production Tiger I that fires rounds with "incendiary" shrapnel, as well as a smoke barrage ability fired via smoke launchers, limit of one at a time, located in the Panzer Support Kommand, needs "Heavy Armor Support"

Tiger 101

-Infantry Half-Track hold size increased: 9 --> 10
-Luftwaffe receives Schultz The GERMAN ACTION COMMANDO! hero, a Brandenburger equipped with an MP-40


-Receives a StuG III, located in the Panzer-Jäger Kommand

Do note: These are NOT the final changes, and V0.3.0 is NOT limited to these.

P.S.: If you are playing The Bush Mod and experience a bug, DO share with us!

P.S.S.: THE BUSH MOD VERSION 0.3.0 IS RELEASED! What the frick are you waiting for!? GET IT!

The Bush Mod V0.3.0

P.S.S.S.: A full list of changes and an accompanying "guide" is being done. Guide should be done around the release of V0.3.0 or a bit after.

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