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Rejoice! The first FULL release of The Bush Mod has arrived! Look below for the changelog!

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The first FULL version of The Bush Mod has been released! The changelog includes but may not be limited to:

  • Henschel all targets overwatch ability fixed, it now replaces the standard version AT Henschel ability when you complete the Luftwaffe tree
  • Fallschirmjager paradrop fixed
  • Brit infantry movement changed to default
  • Increased zoom out for camera
  • Added Tiger 205 from campaign as a reward unit
  • More unit population changes
  • M10 Achilles/M36 Jackson, 95mm Cromwell and British Sherman costs changed
  • M36 Jackson pop changed
  • Geschutzwagen HP reduced from 375 to 300
  • M10 Achilles and Brit Sherman are now given hull down
  • Added ability to abandon Vickers HMG and Brit mort
  • Achilles has proper crew models
  • Increased tank MG accuracy
  • Fallschirmjager will now auto-camo by standing still
  • Added Air Burst Shells to Brit Arty tree, allowing you to use Air Burst Barrages
  • Added direct fire to artillery pieces
  • Scuttle emplacement ability which lets you destroy the brit emplacement while keeping the squad that was in it
  • US receives the M3 37mm AT gun, located in the Weapons Support Center
  • US Armor and Airborne Companies receives a .50 cal Jeep
  • US receives a standalone 76mm Sherman, unlocked by buying the M1A1C upgrade.
  • US Infantry Doctrine lets tanks and heavier vehicles hull down
  • US M4 75mm Shermans have 4 random models
  • Brit MG team, Mortar team receives officer buffs
  • Brit emplacements and US Howitzer costs changed; reduced fuel and increased manpower
  • US T17 Armored Car receives a .50 cal upgrade
  • US M3 Halftrack has a .50 cal gunner by default
  • All building plot sizes are reduced, every building made will take up the size of the model and nothing more
  • Wehrmacht buildings and upgrade costs changed
  • US Infantry Doc receives an M2HB team, replacing the .30 cal team
  • Panzer Elite receives an MG34 team in the Logistik Kompanie
  • US Riflemen receive a bazooka upgrade
  • Improved visuals overall
  • Brit Cromwell and Churchill 95mm howitzer fixed, works like an actual howitzer
  • Churchill tank's 6 pounder gun works like an actual 6 pounder; better vs vehicles, weaker vs infantry
  • British Bofors, 17 Pounder and 25 Pounder can be moved, albeit very slowly
  • British Commandos receive an airdrop ability in addition to the glider ability
  • British Sappers are now equipped with Thompson SMGs
  • Assault Grenadiers/Tank Busters can build HQ buildings
  • Panzer Elite Scorched Earth doctrine receives a PaK 40 emplacement in addition to road blocks
  • PIAT projectiles sped up slightly
  • Probably some more stuff I forgot, play and find out!

    As always, instructions are included in the archive. I'm also looking for some more playtesters, if you are reading this and you are interested and possess fair enough knowledge of Company of Heroes, do PM me(Repulsive Bushman) or Woozle or post a comment.
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