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A little about the game, and a look at where we are currently.

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We're at the beginnings of a brand new game! We feel like we have a nice spin on a couple old genres, Shop Management and Defense games, and to have it make a little sense our game will be set in Lawless america, where guns will be blazing!

Our intrinsic inventor has been dreaming of owning a game store sense he was a kid, and now he has his chance! With some pieced together shelving units from the land fill, and his own personal 'collection,' he just needs to buy some games and fill said shelves.

So we'll be doing the usual store management things, buying and placing shelves, buying inventory, and buying decor to make the store nice to attract more customers. The twist is in the setting. Because it's lawless America, people can pretty much do whatever they want, so bandits will be raiding the store each night, and just as your nicer store attracts more customers, it's going to catch the bad guys eyes as well.

To handle this we have a nice little auto turret our store keep has invented to mow down the bandits as they come to take what they themselves can't seem to earn. So our store keep is going to have to keep her ammoed up, fueled up, and repaired. We'll be upgrading the turret as well as the counter space he'll be hiding behind to allow it to take more bullets.

This is the basis of the game, we have many more ideas to add to this foundation, but we can go over those later. Here's a quick list of what we have done with the game so far, programatically.

  1. As of 10/3/2018
    1. day/night cycle
      1. Customers will come in buying games during the day, the bandits will show up at night.
    2. turret system
      1. the player is able to reload and refuel the turret, the turret will target the closest enemy, if it runs out of fuel, it will no longer track the enemy at all, movement is also stopped, as well as no ammo stops it from firing.
    3. the game store where you buy games works, we just need to add more game (as well as write up the games)
    4. building system works, it does need a few tweaks with collisions but other than that it's ready for further testing with different types of fixtures
    5. the recommended price and how much the customer will pay for the game works
    6. Inventory system is set up, we just need to make it work for the shelves as well and we're golden
    7. click on either the turret or counter and the player character will move there, this is easily expandable to work with other objects as well
    8. the character will detect obstacles and try to avoid them, a best path will also be chosen
      1. Bandit's go around shelves too.

As you can see where at the beginnings of this, but we do have models being completed, which will put up in images, and as we get those going we'll do some videos showing the game being put together.

We're currently looking for an A.I. programmer to get our baddies functioning properly and making decisions that make sense. Our next update should involve the completion of the economy for the game, looking forward for future updates and any questions or comments anyone might have on our concept.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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