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The Beginning is near. Pixel adventure with Sword & Sorcery in fantastic lands. Lots of hacking, lots of slashing. Single player, local coop and player vs player game modes for all to enjoy.

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Hello everybody!

Hope you're having a good day on your way to your ultimate destiny. News from the lands of Sword & Sorcery. If you haven't checked out the new launch trailer, go for it:

Some screens describing the game modes. We've settled for two different modes. Optional tutorial (Do you actually complete them...?)

Game modes

Another milestone is the enemies now affect and trigger environment. That means they can blow shot up, basically! Now you really have to take care if you're near an axploding barrel or two. This also means you can use it to your advantage.


The fierce Valkyrie enjoys using ranged attacks on bosses...oh crap! Get outta there!

Runner 2017 10 16 19 05 32 22

As we're closing on a launch date, things are getting really polished. But there's always that list of "must-fixes" left. Be sure to let us know if you haven't been included in the Beta testing crew already.

Here's a playthrough of a level in the first area, Emberwood:

ThySword 2017 10 15 17 19 13 50

Check out them controls (remappable/customizable)

ThySword 2017 10 13 19 38 34 23

Steam page is up, so make sure you add Thy Sword to your wishlist!

Check out Thy Sword on Steam!

Until next time,

//Team GamePhase

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