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I would like to inform all that the time required to release this mod will be increased.But that doesn't mean it wouldn't out. Anyway here are the new updates i included in this week.

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Newest updates in more details.

- Making friendly grunts mad to attack you has been forbidden.If you shoot at a grunt the mission ends :).That means you cant kill steal their weapons.

- Medic and Torch grunts can now use grenades.

>torch and medic range weapons
"9mm handgun"
"9mm handgun + Hand Grenade"
"Desert Eagle"
"Desert Eagle + Hand Grenade"

- Human Grunts with SAW weapons can now use grenades also.

>grunts weapon info
"9mmAR + Hand Grenade"
"9mmAR + GL"
"Shotgun + Hand Grenade "
"Saw + Hand Grenade "

it is also possible for grunts to use grenade launchers with saw / shotgun but i wont because weapons aren't designed for that,and its kinda unfair to the player. :D

gamefreak42 - - 644 comments

so......inactive mod is inactive

oh well :P i still got more to play in nuclear winter for Op4r

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lightningterror Author
lightningterror - - 211 comments

neh its not inactive , just development is going slow.

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