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The Anglar will appear as the game's third official faction.

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While the first demo only included a small portion of the iconic Cornerians and forces of Venom, as time goes on both those factions will expand with more units, bases, and other tools of destruction they can field. More importantly though, they will not be the only combatants fighting in this war. Three other factions from the series will make an appearance, each one offering different gameplay styles to players. Enter the Anglar:

The primary antagonists from Starfox Command, the Anglar are the true natives of the planet Venom. Used as slave labor and forced into military service by Andross and the reptilian surface dwellers, for many years the Anglar built up a hatred for their subjugators. Now that Andross is dead and his armies forced to retreat to the edges of the Lylat system, the Anglar have been free to completely take over their homeworld and launch a campaign of destruction against both the Cornerians and their hated previous masters. Unlike the Cornerians and Venomians, the Anglars will be a very mobile force, with no stationary bases at all. They also posses very durable hulls compared to the other races and are likely to last a one on one dual with a ship of equal measure for that reason alone. Players who prefer to be nomadic and crawl around the map will likely favor the denizens of Venom's acidic ocean.


this mod still a thing? :(

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