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Here is a small patch fixing some of the small but obvious problems that came with release, as well as adding a few small features. Read below for installation instructions and a changelog.

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Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the ACWMR v1.5.1 package to your computer.
  2. Extract "The American Civil War Mod: Revived v1.5" folder to your Mount and Blade: Warband modules folder, and allow the files to be overwritten. IMPORTANT: If you were able to use expanded horizons, DO NOT use the module.ini in this package. Instead add this entry to the bottom of your current module.ini: can_reload_while_moving = 1
  3. Start the mod normally and play. Some of the changes will take effect on starting a new game.
  4. If you are using voice commands, I forgot to attach sound effects to several of the commands. In VoiceBot, you can edit these commands with the following sounds from your bugle calls folder:

Prepare to Move, play sound: Advance (voice).wav

Move Over There, play sound: March (voice).wav

Advance Ten Paces (Infantry), play sound: forward march (voice).wav

After that, press ok and apply to profile, and you can go ahead and play normally.


  • Voices added to the orders for advance ten paces (infantry), prepare to move, and move over there. This helps simulate a subordinate officer repeating your orders when they are understood.
  • Union volunteers and regulars color guards carried flags from some of the elite units in the mod. These have been removed from their inventory.
  • Union first sergeant uniforms .lod's textures fixed. No more shining uniforms when you move away from them.
  • Soldiers can now reload while walking.
  • Increased player's starting skill with firearms.
  • Cabot Forbes' starting weapon, Lorenz rifle with bayonet switch for Lorenz without bayonet.
  • Greatly reduced market availability of weapons from native, such as sledgehammers, throwings knives and throwing axes, etc.
  • Removed sandbags from markets.
  • Union deserters/bandits/foragers/raiders equipment updated. Some wrong items removed, and proper one's added.

The American Civil War Mod: Revived Patch v1.5.1

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