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The update regarding the 9th anniversary for the Alliance at War mod. :^)

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Buffed the U-wing shield strength, increased its maneuverability, and rate of fire.

Rebel Alliance upgrades that apply to Starfighters will now apply to the U-wing, too.

Added the VT-49 Decimator.

Lowered the recharge time for the TIE Hunter ion shot. Was 25 seconds; is now 20 seconds.

"Power to Weapons" on the DP25 Gunboat and Gladiator-class Star Destroyer has been replaced for "Full Salvo."

The DP25 Gunboat and Gladiator-class have had their population numbers increased.

Turbolaser batteries on the Gladiator-class has been buffed to 40 base damage per shot. Up from 20.
The amount of missiles it fires is now 3 per salvo. Up from 2.

Gladiator missiles will now fire its missiles every 7 seconds instead of every 15 seconds.

Fixed some text issues.

Removed the Base Shield upgrade from the Imperial Base Shield structure,
as the upgrade has already been modded to be built in and earlier.

Secondary Pirate Asteroid Bases found in some GC maps are now capturable.

Slowed down Liberator explosion animation.

Buffed Executor shield strength.

The M-68 Magnepulse Cannon has been resized and firing range has been increased.

Slightly reduced space retreat time for the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance,
and slightly increased the space retreat time for the Zann Consortium.

The Raider-class Corvette has been renamed to "Raider I-class Corvette", one of its ion cannons has been removed,
and it has gained two more laser cannons. Its ion cannon base damage has also been slightly boosted. Was 10 damage per shot; is now 12.

The Tartan-class patrol Cruiser laser will now fire in intervals of three instead of two.

Worked on both of all the GC and Skirmish space maps a little bit more. Just a little.

All weapons on the AT-TE received a slight damage buff. Anywhere to +1 to +2 base damage per shot--depending on turret.

AT-AT's can now walk in deep water.

Space units that the Zann Consortium can steal during Galactic Conquest has had their priced and build time doubled to better match the base units.

Introduced a new upgrade for land battles: Improved Blaster Gas.

Introduced a new upgrade for space battles: Improved Satellites.

The Zann Consortium Palace will no longer grant a bonus to credits on Mining Colony worlds. It is not a Mining Station.

Reduced the number of V-150 Ion Cannon rounds fired to 2. Was 3.

The V-150 Ion Cannon can now only be built if a Barracks has been constructed.

HVs-2 hypervelocity gun damage per shot has been increased by a factor of 5.5 and now deals shield damage. Projectile speed has been tripled, also.

Shadow Troopers no longer need an Officer Academy to recruit, and they can now only be trained in limited numbers.

Reduced the number of Skiff's that can be built at a Hutt Palace in land Skirmish battles.

The land Kamino map (GC and Skirmish) will not longer cause the mod to crash when loading in.

GR75 Fireships "Power to Engines" ability now last longer and takes longer to cooldown. Its self destruct range has been slightly decreased
and its self destruct damage blast has been been increased.

Proton torpedoes of all types have received a slight damage buff to damage aginst shields.

Added more stats to unit information boxes, and changed their background colors.

Increased the area size for which the Ship Repair Satellite will begin to repair ships.

Fixed the Imperial-class SD turrets and hardpoint targeting problem.

Increased the number of weeks allowed to complete the Heart of the Maw GC. Was 120, is now 130.

Fixed the bug where the Zann Consortium would begin Equal Footing with a level 5 starbase on Hypori.

Secutor-class Star Destroyer now possesses a Population Value number.

Added a new space hero for the Zann Consortium: Jerid Sykes "End of Days".

Increased the Missile Shield range on the Immobilizer 418 and the Interdictor-class Star Destroyer.

Rescaled the Liberator-class Cruiser.

Keldabe-class battleship shield leeching ability will now properly drain enemy shields.

Aggressior-class Star Destroyer self-destruct blast radius has widened, and its special plasma mac cannon AoE has slightly widened.

The lighting and map colors for the Dathomir Skirmish land map has been changed to better reflect how the planet is in Canon.

Increased the firing range of the Arc Hammer, nerfed its shield strength,
fixed the issue with projectiles not damaging it concussion missile launcher hardpoint and increased its Population Value by one point.

The MC-75 Star Cruiser has moved up one Tech Tier.

Replaced the Galactic Conquest ship hyperspace sound effect with one a little more easier on the ears.

Added n another Trade Route between Taris and Mandalore (Mandalorian Road.)

Expanded the Corellian Trade Spine Trade Route to include Sil'Lume. (Trade Route will go from Mechis III to Sil'Lume.)

Expanded the Braxant Run Trade Route to include Selaggis VI. (Trade Route will go from Mygeeto to Selaggis IV.)

Reduced the amount credits Aeten II, Hoth, Geonosis, Myrkr and Wayland generate.

The Maw map has been updated for both Galactic Conquest and Skirmish.

Increased the size of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire space stations by about 10%.

Arquitens-class death animation has been fixed.

Fixed the scaling issues with the U-wing, Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon.

Civillians on Mustafar will now fight against the Empire. They are currently coded in to help the Zann Consortium,
but that might change.

Slightly increased the speed of the AAC-1 Tank and slightly reduced its targeting max attack distance.

Reduced Molavar's starbase level by 1.

Added the following planets: Tao-Grant and Tyed Kant

Doubled the duration for Smuggler's siphoning credits from non-Corrupted worlds.

Rebel Infiltrator's and Imperial Scout Troopers now have the Hunt ability.

Alpheridies can now build up to 3 land-based structures. Up from 2.

Land-based Repair Stations can now repair Air-type units.

Some Hover vehicles can no longer turn on a dime.

Silri can no longer drain live from vehicles.

Changed the Hutt Cartel faction color, worked on some of their units and structure a bit more.
The Hutt Cartel will also appear in some GC's now.

Slightly increased the camera speed during tactical battles.

Ralltiir's land map has been replaced with a new updated map. Its land-based structure build slots has also doubled. Was 3, is now 6.

Added E-Web turrets.

Added concussion missiles to B-wing loadout.

Happy 9th anniversary Alliance at War.(^:

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