Post news RSS The adventure continues on Zeros, a world of eternal darkness.

This update includes the 4th world of the story with new creatures, weapons, and power-ups. Previously released worlds have been refined. This is a huge release, not only content was added, but the gameplay was improved by adjusting the overall balance between the exploration, combats, and associated rewards.

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We are proud to release another version of our early access game Spheriums on Steam.



New features and enhancements

  • Brand-new world, called Zeros. A world of eternal darkness!
  • Enhanced AI for the Drainer Commander level I & II with different attack phases.
  • Enhanced AI of the Tornado to understand better its fighting behavior.
  • Enhanced EPEX MK-I and EPEX MK-II enemy behavior.
  • New energy ball power-up that fires up to 3 energy balls.
  • New psionic orb power-up that fires up to 3 psionic orbs.
  • Energy power-up now gives 5 seconds of unlimited energy while replenishing the energy player.
  • Shield power-up now gives 5 seconds of invincibility while recharging the shield.
  • Updates and enhancement of Korala, Meolia, and Mazir worlds.
  • Flashlight support to help navigate in dark areas.
  • Firing sounds on turrets.
  • New particles effects and new sounds on plasma drone nest.
  • Energy recharging station time changed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes after usage.
  • Energy balls and antimatter shells no longer have a confusing fading effect if they do not hit a target.
  • Support for mouse invert in the user settings.
  • Reduce the HUD shield-hit display transparency from 100% to 40% when hit to reduce noise while playing.
  • Reduce the attractor capture ball visual effect to 50% less opacity to help see the environment.
  • Antimatter shells can now be recharged at any time.
  • Drainers movement reduce by 40% to enhance the gameplay during the fighting.
  • Play an error sound if an item cannot be dropped.
  • Draining crystals will no longer drain player energy when close to them.
  • More details were added in the journal for several resources.
  • If the player's energy is very low or after running, the player will continue to walk at the normal walking speed.
  • Zogan no longer shoots energy-draining balls.


Bug fixes

  • Drop resources from inventory had a limited area.
  • The number of runes acquired were kept after a new game.
  • Levitation was possible without unlocking the levitation Memorium implant.
  • Some resources that were not supposed to respawn were respawning, creating a wrong resource balance.
  • Add persistence support for the tower on Mazir.
  • Add damage from homing turret when hitting the player.
  • Fix collisions errors on Korala.
  • Phosphoride was not constantly spawning correctly when a Medusa was destroyed.
  • Fix wrong player rotation after using the teleporter.
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