Save your civilization

Play as Arcos the Spherium alongside your faithful A.I. Kindra in a desperate attempt to uncover the powers and secrets to save your civilization! The invaders seek ravenous expansion into new star clusters and threaten your homeworld's rapidly depleting energy! Journey through six lush, breathing ancient Elder Worlds where over fifty species of vibrant flora and fauna await.

Early Access - Community-focused Updates

Spheriums is an accessible, family-friendly game with intuitive game mechanics, engaging puzzle elements to solve, and revealing strange alien creatures and fauna resembling nothing you have ever seen.

We’ve made a tonne of improvements to Spheriums since launching on Early Access, and our community-first focus means that our frequent updates are heavily influenced by player feedback. When you play Spheriums, you can participate in developing an exciting new game!


Coming in 2023 for PC, Xbox and Switch.

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Being a small indie studio of only 2 developers, we are very excited about this new update. We have entirely changed the in-game story and started the integration in the first three worlds that the player will play. However, the tutorial in the first world (Korala) is still a work in progress, and the initial cut scene still needs to be done.

The initial cut-scene will visually explain that you are a sentient energy-sphere being sent to investigate why your homeworld is losing its vital energy to survive, leading your civilization to mass extinction.

Here is a new trailer:


  • Planet Mazir - Completely redo the level design of the third planet. This includes many changes in the landscape, redesigning the combats area, new assets, new foliage, new enemies, lighting changes, and much more.


  • Planet Korala - Update the level design of the first world by enhancing some areas, adding new assets, changing some enemies AI, redoing the lighting, and adding atmospheric fog.

Image5 1

  • Planet Meolia - Update the second world by adding more assets in some areas and tweaking the lighting.


  • Psionic Power-up - The psionic power-up can be triggered by using the middle mouse button while having the psionic orb weapon. It sends a high psionic beam that drains the energy from the Drainers and adds it to your shield. Immensely powerful and helpful in challenging situations.
  • Force-field - A new force-field implant is now available, letting the player convert its internal energy into a force field to protect itself from enemies' attacks. Unfortunately, the force field drains energy very quickly. Therefore, the player will need to use it wisely. An upcoming update will let the player uses skills to reduce the energy-draining factor.
  • Laser worker Drainer - A dangerous new invader that can fire lasers with its claw and fire laser shots with his armed turrets. The AI is still incomplete, but still, be careful...
  • Mine planter Drainer - No specific attack from this Drainer, except that he is dropping mine while moving randomly on the terrain! Hard to destroy.
  • Spaceship dropping troops - A new type of Drainer spaceship that can drop troops while flying is now available in one place in the game. It's still a work in progress, but very fun to see when he is coming close to you and dropping Drainers to attack you from the sky.
  • Zirca enemy level 1 - Implement a new AI behavior to act as a swarm. They are easy to destroy, but when they are many, it can be challenging. They are also firing a new type of projectile.
  • Larva - A new enemy that is note very dangerous as it moves slowly. Explode when the player is getting to close to it or fires at it.



  • Update the visual of all the Drainers.
  • Update all the colonist archive logs with the updated story
  • Replace obsolete Drainers enemies with new Drainers mech on Meolia floating platform.
  • Change the visual structonite trap in the structonite field for better gameplay.
  • Change the Bosboon plant with better material and reduce the energy blast required to disable it temporarily.
  • The energy barrier no longer removes energy from the player when it collides with it.
  • Add sound effects when refilling a Triphasium container
  • Add new Kindra audio messages and changes some previous one that needed to be more accurate or shorter.
  • Change a few Kindra floating hints by displaying Kindra beacons, so the player understands better what to do.
  • Add a log title in the journal when reading an archive log.
  • Add new LOD to many 3D assets to improve rendering performance.



  • Fix the spaceship ghosting around after the animation was completed in the first two worlds.
  • Fix spaceship turrets on the Drainer floating platforms on Meolia that were indestructible and were not moving.
  • Change the turret scanning text to explain that psionic-based weapons are required to destroy a turret.
  • Giant Poppox on Mazir stays selected after being scanned.


We still have a lot of things to do before the release planned for the Steam PC version in 2023. The next big update will include the redesign of Zeros, the 4th world, and more enhancement in the previous three worlds, enemies, AI, etc.

We hope you try the early access version, but if you're not ready, add it to your wishlist and consider us when we release the game officially.

Dev-Diary - Why making Spheriums!

Dev-Diary - Why making Spheriums!


On day 1, we agreed to create a game with an art style that should stick in people's minds, with a set of rich and glowing colors that would make the...

Major World Update : Meolia is ready to play!

Major World Update : Meolia is ready to play!


Another strong milestone. The overall revamp of Meolia, is done. The second world has eight islands to explore, and you must fight to free all the emitters...

Spheriums - Meolia worlds work in progress

Spheriums - Meolia worlds work in progress


The Meolia world update is almost done. Check the new screenshots and be ready to save your world while traveling 8 aliens floating islands.

Work in progress on the redesign of Meolia!

Work in progress on the redesign of Meolia!


Here is a work in progress on the overhaul-level design of Meolia (world 2).


Love the visuals!

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