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Info on the next update for the Alliance at War mod.

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Hello, Community. I was going to work on this update longer, but I simply just do not feel like it right now. I will finish more of it later, ha. But for now, you can enjoy what changes and updates I did make. I was tempted to call this the "pro-Imperial update" simply because, I worked on them the most this time around. Well, I did work on the Rebel Alliance and Zann Consortium a little bit, but no where near as much as the Galactic Empire.

The Imperial starbase -- II-V -- now garrisons the Raider-class Corvette, the Executor now has an increased firing range, Thrawn is now available in more Galactic Conquest scenarios, Darth Vader spawns earlier in G.C. scenarios, but will not get the Executor until Tech Level 5, the Broadside-class Cruiser and Marauder-class Corvette had its shield type changed, and it default weapon will not fire turbolasers. They can still Barrage with Diamond Boron Missiles, though. All ships across all factions have received a 25% base speed upgrade. Whatever their default speed is, is now 25% quicker. I fixed an issues with shadowing on the multiplayer skirmish space map for Kashyyyk, blasters for land combat have also increased -- most by 25%, I fixed the firing-arc on the Assault Frigate Mark II. I noticed that its side batteries were off by a few degrees. It would turn towards ships and only fire with its two front batteries. I do not know if this was a mistake by the game developers, but it feels more like an assault frigate now. I reduced the amount of money the Zann Consortium Palace will generate. Honestly, it does not make much sense for a underworld palace to generate more money than an actual mining facility. In the game, a Mining Facility would boost a planets income by a factor of two... I believe; whereas a Palace would boost a planets income by a factor of seven. You can see why I lowered it. The Rebel Alliance can now hide their visible structure count more easily in any Galactic Conquest. Meaning you will need to use Probe Droids more often, now. I am also temporary reinstating Auto-resolve. For now it is back... I do not know if I will keep it, though. I am still thinking about it. I reduced the explosive radius on the Aggressor-class Star Destroyer. I noticed then when the Zann Consortium tries to take you with it when its Destroyer is about to die, it could destroy things far off, so I reduced it a little. I arranged the skirmish maps to make it a little easier when selecting a map. When wanting to play a Skirmish match, in the skirmish menu, just click the "Maps for Alliance at War" button. And I edited some space-box textures. You know how some maps had space with a blue-ish tent for the background stars? All of them are black now. Nebulas are still similar. The space itself is now black and white. I basically removed the blue tent. I thought that would be more realistic. As for the rest of the changes, figure them out yourself, ha ha ha ha ha.

In regards to the Raider Corvette, it was a little difficult to find a role for it. I did not want a Tartan Cruiser 2.0. I wanted each to feel useful. The Raider Corvette is equipped with four laser cannons -- same as the Tartan -- but it also possesses ion cannons to drain enemy shields quicker. It is smaller with a weaker hull and shields. The Raider is more of a "glass cannon" where as the Tartan is more of a "tank"; at least as far as Corvettes go. The Raider can Hunt, but it lacks a Power to Weapons ability; where as the Tartan cannot Hunt but in fact can divert power to its weapons. The Tartan is the beefier of the two, but I wanted to Raider to still have a role in the later stages of any campaign. It's ion cannons mean it can still take down Fighter and Corvette shielding quicker than any other. So when any scenario is beginning to turn into your favor, the Raider can still have a place if you want it to.

The Broadside and Marauder are in a late stage of testing. I am still working out balancing and fixes. Right now I am considering on removing the "poor accuracy" penalty from their Barrage ability. It is mainly because when it is activated, they will intentionally miss a few shots -- no mater how close -- then bombard the rest of their target with whatever they have left before their ability needs to recharge. I do not believe a captain would intention waste volleys before like that.


I just want to say that this is mod is awesome. I am really impressed by all the work you have put into it.

I do want to ask that you keep the auto resolve as an option for players.

Keep up the great work!

Edit: Also can you get rid of the obsolescence feature. I only ask because I really like the Z-95 and the T-Wing and don't want to stop being able to produce them.

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Larry-3 Author

Thank you, GunNutBrony. It means a lot. I value any compliment I can get. The reason I originally removed Auto-resolve is because I wanted every life lost to feel important. The lives on a starbase matter, the lives on a simple transport matter... Et cetera. That was my intent, but for now I am bring it back. I probably will keep it. Maybe, I do not know yet.

As for the Z-95 and T-wing... I am planning on reviewing the Z-95. From what I can tell, it is a bit better than its Legends counterpart. I will admit, I do favor Canon over Legends; and the Z-95 definitely shines a little more in Canon. In Canon, the Rebel Alliance even equipped theirs an with ion cannon to compliment its blaster cannons, so yes I need to review it. As for keeping the T-wing and Z-95, both only seen limited use in the Alliance. The T-wing more so than the Z-95, but I might switch them over to Black Markets. I.E. once one loses the ability to produce both, they could have the option to buy them of the Black Market. The Black Market has been getting a lot of attention in my mod: it is where the Consortium can buy Tri-fighters, it is where the Alliance can purchase AAT-1's and AT-AP's. If in a future update, do not be surprised if Z-95's and T-wing's start popping up in the Black Market, ha!

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Thank you for responding.

I like the idea of the black markets being a way to get older ships.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to any future updates.

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