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Can a lone indie game developer earn £12,000.00 in tweleve months from full times game development?

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The Challenge: Earn £12,000.00 by the 9th Sep 2012
The Prize: Financial Independence
The Forefit: Failure means dusting off CV and getting a 'real job'.

Step one seek advice...

I have asked the following question on the Unity, Indiegamer and Tigsource forums:

Someone wrote: How to earn £12,000 in one year from game development?

The Challenge: I have a 365 day runway (until 9 Sep 2012) to earn £20k (about $32k) from games development. The earnings value is based on a UK minimum wage calculation of about £6 per hour 9-5 job, and factoring in that I will have to pay money to make them, buying in music ect, and overheads for payment providers?

Me, Unity, PC, Mac, iPod, Android.

Currently I manage to produce game 'Prototypes' like these

Art, 3D Animation, Procrastination, Funds, Motivation, Experience, Marketing

If I have not hit or exceeded this target by the deadline and proved I can make a living from games I have to dust off my CV and get a job!

So what advice would you give or better still how do you do it?

And I have started a countdown timer and progress bar on my homepage

Wish me luck!

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i like the idea!!!
but, if you really can make the 20 K. ??
it all will depends on if your game is fun and or exiting enough
to be bought by so many times that you earn that amount of money.
it is a quit hard challenge because as we all know are the markets full of indie games, and in one year of time this will only be much more the case. So, SUCCES!!


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