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PC Gamer, Kotaku, Frag Hero... That came as a shock this morning!

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First and foremost, a huge thank you to everyone who tried out the previous test server for Doom Royale (with Cheese)! Your play, no matter how broken it seemed, has massively helped me work out why the game was stopping with 2/3 players remaining.

Secondly, thanks to those reporting from PC Gamer, Kotaku, Frag Hero and more! That was surprise to wake up to this morning with my phone being lit up by links and messages from friends!!

Onto Doom Royale then! I've updated the server to include all the ACS changes which now properly track deaths, and disconnecting players. I've offloaded the win conditions to the server as well which means anyone who leaves once they've won do not stop the server from being stuck in the post-game.

In case you didn't know or realise, this isn't like most Battle Royales. When you die in the Royale with Cheese, you aren't completely out. Players who die, are respawned as a Zombieman, Shotgun Guy or Heavy Weapons dude to weed out the new school campers... or to be a general hinderance to those still surviving. Depending on server load I may re-enable the imp as well...

Furthermore I've found and fixed many "trap" rooms, where you spawn in and are unable to leave the room. Any door thats normally opened with a switch, can be opened from the inside with ease. This is temporary at the moment until such a time that I map properly to fit the levels to the BR format.

BFG, Plasma Gun and Rocket launcher all now have a lower chance of spawning, along with the associated ammo types and the mega armour, especially as the bots are notorious for spamming the BFG with pinpoint accuracy!

Onto the future then! With the progress so far (and the marmite response!), I feel I should share the long term plan for Doom RWC;

1: Get the code sorted, in-game player tracking, win conditions and bot spawning. Then update the HUD displays to look as unobtrusive but as clear as possible.

2: Map the 5 levels into one properly, update and add/remove areas to improve flow of play as much as possible... and beautify!

3: Player stat tracking and recording on server, with leaderboards available to view online.

4: More maps based on E2, 3, 4.... Doom 64???

Thats all I've got to add so far! Please download the new WAD pack and give it a go on our server. As before, if you fancy helping with the running costs... the button is there!

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Oh yeah, one more thing... I've disabled the bot chat... The phone has been picked up!

Linus.Hyper - - 132 comments

I absolutely love the idea for the use of dead players. Something both Fortnite and PUBG should've done ages ago.

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Bambamalicious Author
Bambamalicious - - 188 comments

Appreciate the feedback! It works really well and keeps everyone on their toes that's for sure! Keeps the game feeling like Doom as well instead of just another BR clone!

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Guest - - 698,656 comments

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