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It has been a while. I have been playing, making photos for textures, making textures, mapping for Go-mod, and trying to think how to continue the new map.

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I have been playing mostly Half Life 2 because of the achievements. I have also found a new way to achieve "Zombie chopper"- by using Dog's ball. You can use it for disturbing and killing zombies. But can't use it after I meet with Father Gregory face to face (no objects can pass above the nets).Dog's ball
I have also found a battery inside one of thous thing that flash in you eyes before I got into the HEV suit.

2.Making photos for textures

Oh yeah, I have made many photo which are waiting to turn into textures. In order to make them, I'm using Olympus FE-47 (14 mega pixels, 5x optical zoom, Digital Stabilization, Smart Auto). It's working very nice for me.

3.Making textures

Using Photo Shop I have made some really nice textures. I'm not going to explain how am I making them, but here are some of them (in original size):
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Here is the tutorial which helped me start making textures:

4.Making Go-mod maps

That's right, I have been making Go-mod maps. Here are two of the finished maps:

5.Thinking about the new map

About the new map: The new map is going to replace the first map of the mod. This way the mapping will fit with the story even more.
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My idea about the map is to make it a part from a tower neighborhood. This idea came to me when I took a look at one of the great screen-shots from the HL2 mod "Final dawn".
City of Overwatch
But I can't build the idea in my head (Damn it!). Maybe I'll have to use a list of paper and a pen.

One more thing

I think I have added too much detail textures. None of the new textures have detail textures in game. I think the only way to fix this is by changing the code. But I'm not a coder...

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Cool textures, really great, congrats :0

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