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This game is constantly in development, and so it constantly needs testers! What works? What doesn't? What can be improved? Let me know. Specifically, I'm looking for players with 3 or more gamepads.

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KarBOOM 0.1.2 lets up to four players play with gamepads -- up from two in the previous version. Previous versions used built-in engine functions to handle gamepad control, but in order to support more than two (and in future, as many as you can fit in your PC) I had to use WINAPI functions.

Since I only own two gamepads, I haven't actually been able to test that three or four gamepads work, so this is a cry-out to anyone with three or more gamepads: Does it work!?

As this game continues to develop, I'd really appreciate the input of all its players as I add more mutators, more players, more levels, online play, and more everything in the next few weeks.

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