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I'll lauch a test demo for the people who are interested in it. Theres something new added to the amnesia play style. I think it will be fun. But it still need its improvements. It takes alot of work to make it work out well. Escpecially through multiplied levels.

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I'll lauch a test demo of the cs. It will be the first level playable. The demo will run through the Original amnesia custom story laucher. please leave a comment on this news feed after you played the test demo, mostly I like to read the downsides of it so I can improve that. And or write it over. The test demo itself will be lauched within a week.

I hope you will like the demo, the new playstyle thing will be over the whole cs at the very and. Also the things you choose to do will change things in further levels but that you won't encounter yet in the demo cause of the fact it's just one and so the first level as I already montioned before.

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