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Battlefield 2: Terrorist Strike is set in numerous different palces, mainly in Asia.

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Battlefield 2: Terrorist Strike is set in numerous different palces, mainly in Asia. 2 terrorist organisations have risen and are planning many attacks on several locations around the world. To stop the terrorists, 2 peacekeeping alliances, APF (Allied Peacekeeping Forces) and EAAF (Eastern Allied Armed Forces), plan to stop them. Unaware of each others presence, hostilitys begin to rise between the peacekeepers. Could this lead to war?

Confirmed Maps:
Insurgent Strike
MEC vs Insurgents
In Jordan, in the city of Madaba, insurgents have confirmed a main target as one of the royal hiers to the royal family of the Middle Eastern Coallition (MEC) hidding in his palace. To get to the palace, the insurgents must first take the police station and the TV station aswell as several MEC outposts. This urban fighting could get uncontrolable very quickly.

Semper Fi
USMC vs Rebels
United States Marines have been sent to Kazahkstan to fight a known terrorist organisation who call them selves the 'Rebels'. The so called rebels have captured a Russian cosmedrome near Astana and wish to use it to launch nukes aganist Europe. The Marines goal is to capture the cosmedrome facility and claim any nuclear material found as safe. This could be a risky mission.

Spetnaz (RU) vs Rebels
Rebel terrorists are attempting to cross the Russia-Kazahkstan border at night to carry out raids on Russian military bases. A spetnaz team has been sent in to clear out any Rebels found in a suspected terrorist hideout in a border town called Mamlyutka. This operation could result in large ammounts of casulities.

Sleeping Dragon
Insurgents vs Chinese PLA
On the Pakistan border with China, Insurgents are trying to pass bio-chemical weapons through the Himilyas. A Chinese base blocks their way, but the Insurgents decide to capture it, making it a valuble place to stage chemical attacks on Chinese soil from. The Chinese must hold out aganist the Insurgent attack or all hope for China is lost.

Road to Lagos

Insurgents vs EU
Insurgents are backing a military coup in Nigeria. If they suceed, the rest of Africa could fall aswell. European Union Forces are moving an elite expeditionary force into Nigeria to push out the Insurgents. A terrorist convoy on the way to Lagos, on the coast, has been ambushed by the EU. This will be a hard fight along a main roadway to the coast and surronding villages and towns.

Russian Intervetion

Spetnaz (RU) vs US Navy SEALS
After finding out about US action in Kazahkstan, the Russian government is angered. They decide to attack the US at one of thier FOB airbases. US Navy SEALS were defending at the time of the attack.
This battle will take place in the airbase and in the surronding countryside.

Conflict in the Amazon
SAS (UK) vs Rebels
Rebels have taken several villages around the Brazilian capital, Brasilia. SAS paratroopers have been dropped in from a base on the Falkland Islands to defeat the rebels and help the locals regain control.

More maps will be on their way after these are done or near completion, I will keep you updated.



Nice, I like where this is going.

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