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Assembly RTS - Unleash Your Forces is a real-time strategy game where you will be able to customize your own vehicles.

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Welcome back to the devlog series for my real-time strategy game!

This week, I've been focusing on implementing a new user interface system and incorporating high-quality terrain textures into the game.

Main Capsule 010

User Interface Difficulties

My browser-based user interface has a mysterious conflict with the UI system used in the map-editor.
So I decided to try out OneJS as an alternative. OneJS offers better performance and the ability to write the UI in Preact, a lightweight version of React.
I'm still deciding whether to stick with OneJS, but so far it's been working well.

Improved Terrain Textures

I was able to integrate a variety of snow and ice textures into my terrain, as well as many other realistic textures that look amazing. I'm excited to see what kind of maps players will create with these textures in the level editor.

Unity kCaKlSYRIz

Hardware Failure

I ran into some performance issues while working on the terrain textures.
It turns out one of my hard drives was causing the problems, but uninstalling it fixed everything up.

vlc 3XXL5q98fG


I want to mention that ChatGPT helped me with writing this devlog. It's been a really useful tool to improve my writing. If you haven't already, I highly recommend giving it a try.



It's been a busy but productive week on the development of Assembly RTS. Thanks for following along with the game's progress. I look forward to sharing more updates on the development of Assembly RTS in the new year. See you in the next devlog for Assembly RTS - Unleash Your Forces!

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