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Indie action RPG Terra Ventura is now available on Steam !

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Fans of classic style action RPGs rejoice ! Today, an isometric action RPG, Terra Ventura, developed by the one-man studio Logical Progression Games releases on Steam. Game features real time combat, skill tree paths, player development, character customization, limited semi-random loot, handcrafted maps and more, combining classic style isometric action RPGs with modern gameplay features.

Embark on an action RPG adventure with a story set on an off the charts island where your character gets shipwrecked. Collect loot, explore the maps for collectibles, fight or use skills and find the way back to your crew.


  • Select your character with distinct characteristics and abilities from four different characters, each with inherent advantages - Archer, Musketeer, Explorer or Fighter.

  • Develop your selected character by improving character stats, gain powerful bonuses by collecting runes, unlock skill tree by investing into explosives path, attacking path, health path, alchemy path, materials path or character unique paths.

  • Collect loot, manage inventory, find alchemist, smith, merchant or tailor shop where you can trade additional items or repair gear.

  • Explore handcrafted maps ranging from a town setting, underground caves, lava lakes, winter conditions, toxic wastelands, desert dunes and more. Approach situations with combat or use acquired skills.

  • Scout the maps for collectibles and engage in optional quests.

  • Play the hard more with tougher enemies, less loot and less consumable items if you want a more challenging experience.

About Logical Progression Games: Logical Progression is a one-man developer studio, releasing first title Terra Ventura. For more information:



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