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The new Terminus Machina soundtrack is out! In addition, new changes and additions to the Terminus Machina game mechanics are being implemented based on alpha tester feedback. Also, teaser pics of a new dystopic / satirical fast food restaurant are out. Last but not least, the new splash / title screen.

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UPDATE 4/2: Terminus Machina is now seeking additional alpha testers. If you're interested please comment here or contact me (SilverSpook) directly.

Good news! Now you can support Terminus Machina by picking up the Terminus Machina soundtrack

The soundtrack includes in-game music as well as several bonus tracks, and it's only five bucks! All of these tracks were composed, recorded, and produced by yours truly. I'm still saving up to buy a machine to replace my workstation whose motherboard finally processed its last instruction a couple months ago, and every bit helps! (Irony: running a project called 'Terminus Machina' and having repeatedly terminating machines!)

Testing continues, and so far there have been only a couple of crashes with the testers. Some of the more significant additions which I'll be making based on tester feedback include:

1.) The crafting schematics should probably be a little easier to discover. The experimental "invention" portion of the crafting system seems to have proved a bit more difficult or at least difficult to use than previously anticipated, and so I am adding in-game hints and discoverable schematics to gently nudge players in the right direction with respect to making the items.

2.) More information about wireless network hacking. Particularly, the player needs to know when they've successfully decrypted the wireless packets they've sniffed.

3.) A tutorial would be great. Depending on time and resource constraints I may add in a tutorial level to get the player used to the many new gameplay mechanics of Terminus Machina.

Other news, I've been working on a new area to fill out the world. Welcome to McSwifts. Where you can spend your hard earned inflation-devalued Weimar bucks on some robot-made grub! Quick, before your welfare check gets cancelled to pay for a bailout!

Automation ApocalypseAutomation Apocalypse

"Hello sir, welcome to McSwifts. Would you like to try our new Austerity Burger(tm)? A warm, toasted bun between... two other buns."

"I can't afford that! It's $100 freaking dollars!"

Automation ApocalypseAutomatapocalypse

One poster, kitethefallenangel, commented, "Am I right to call this mod a political satire?"

Holding up vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings to ridicule with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement is indeed central to Terminus Machina's schtick. So I'd say, yes, it is satire. ;)

Last but not least, here's a bit of introductory 'propaganda' for when you boot up the game. I've been trying to piece together iconography (or iconoclastography as the case may be) which represents the genetically modified, cybernetically upcycled, econo-cataclysmic soul of Terminus Machina, for the title / splash screen. Here's the result:

Terminus Machina Splash Screen

I've also added the intro animations complete with camera interpolations a la the original DX logo swoops. Intro cinematic is next on the list.


Looking forward for this.

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Love this, love this alot

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