Take on the role of an operative in the Hex Gen network, a decentralized movement of hacktivists resisting the economic pillaging conducted by the unholy alliances of Big Tech, Big Military, and Big Finance. Think "The Windup Girl" meets "Neuromancer". Features: -Facial, vocal biometric capture devices -"Nohface" electronic face projector for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city -Wireless internet -Darknets - all web activity is fully surveilled, you need stealth not only in meatspace but in cyberspace -More types of hacking - cryptography, DDoS, spoofing -Hunger: experience real economic destitution as you slowly die of starvation and are forced to beg, steal, or even kill for a piece of bread. -DIY: Upgrade your hemp trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid, take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, set up a hydroponic garden in your squatted flat so you don't have to kill for every meal.

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Automation Apocalypse
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Tee hee, Dialogue.

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haha this is gonna be good

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Welcome to McSwifts. Spend your hard earned Weimar bucks on some robot-made grub! Quick, before your welfare check gets cancelled to pay for a bailout!

"Hello sir, welcome to McSwifts. Would you like to try our new Austerity Burger(tm)? A warm, toasted bun between... two other buns."

"I can't afford that! It's $100 freaking dollars!"

"If you're looking to dine smart and save money, perhaps you'd like our 'Eat Your Children Burger'. A single stale piece of mechanically fabricated bread with three fries. A healthy choice too: only 70 calories!"

"I can't afford that either. I used to work here to you goddamn robots took my job!"

"Well, sir, we CLERCs (Cyber-Linguistic Empathic Relations Colleagues) are empirically proven to be 200% more productive in the workplace since we do not suffer from human inefficiencies such as the need to sleep, eat, the tendency to get sick, take vacations, have families, demand higher pay, strike, unionize, get distracted, experience emotions-"

"Yeah, well maybe you should go tell your CEO or whoever owns this fast food chain that he's not going to have a business much longer if his customers don't have an income to buy the freaking burgers his hordes of robots are producing. How does that economic system not collapse on itself? I mean it just seems to me like that's like trying to make a car lighter and 'more efficient' by removing its engine."

"Not to worry, sir. McSwifts' Corporation has calculated an additional 160 million dollars can be added to the profit margin be cutting the remaining 5,000 managerial workers once the Oversyte 2.0 AI is out of beta."

"Yeah, that's completely missing the point-"

"Also, McSwift's quarterly earnings are ensured by a continuous stream of money printed by the Federal Reserve via its Quantitative Easing Infinity program."

"Yeah, I've got a quantitative easing program for your restaurant. I'm about to ease the quantity of you Tin Men job thieves with this ammonium nitrate bomb IED.

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