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The following are the tentative space tech trees for the Desilijic Clan faction. Land, we still have a few units to find before that is fully completed, so bear with us!

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Deslijic Clan (Hutts):
Tech 1: V-Wing, Prototype Y-Wing, IPV, Venator

Tech 2: Nantex fighter, Hutt agger, V-Wing, Prototype Y-Wing, Carrack cruiser, Corellian corvette, Venator, Pinance

Tech 3: Hutt Fighter, Hutt Dagger, TYE-WIng, YTIE, Pelta frigate, Hutt Gunboat, Recusant Patrol Cruiser, Recusant Frigate, malevolence cruiser, Marauder (turbolaser variant), Pinance, Recusant

Tech 4: Hutt Fighter, Maul-fighter, fury Fighter, TYE Wing , YTIE, Hutt Gunboat, Pelta frigate, Loronar Strike Cruiser, invincible corvette, Procurator cruiser, Recusant patrol cruiser, recusant Frigate, Malevolence Cruiser, Marauder (turbolaser variant)

Tech 5: Hutt Fighter, Maul Fighter, Fury Fighter, YTIE, TYE Wing, Invincible corvette, Praetor Destroyer, Bulwark MKII, Procurator, Loronar strike cruiser, Malevolence cruiser,

As you can see, some slots need filling, such as bombers. It will be smoothed over later.

Tech 1: Pod walker, Skiff, Swamp Speeder, Mercenary, Plex

Tech 2: All the above, Cloud Car, T1B tank

Tech 3: All the above, EWEB Skiff, Mandalorian officer Squad

Tech 4: All the above, and Twi'lek Snipers

Tech 5: All the above, Trained Rancor (with eating enabled)

Again, pretty spare, but we still have some time time to get it all down :)

And as a side note:
Beta version is waiting on: 7 or so more planets to be coded in and the Eclipse hardpoints coded in. Just be patient, and you will not regret it!


Hey Darth and team.. thanks thanks thanks!!!!

can't wait to get to play the finished version :P

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DarthNerd Author

yes... our planet coder is about halfway done....

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right on.. your planet coder must be god haha.. or maybe faster than god.. he coded earth in 7 dyas and ur guy did more in 7 lol... no getting mad at me for the god joke :) it was done in good fun :P

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