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Since Summer we've successfully migrated to Unity 4, finished the UI features and layout, created a tutorial system and done multiple rounds of playtesting to refine Techno Dash. We have now reached beta and are working on our final polished assets.

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The Development cycle over the past 5 months have been very productive and our game Techno Dash is finally reached the Beta stage of development.

Our first milestone of achievement is that we successfully migrated our project from Unity 3.5 into Unity 4 engine. While it took a bit of time we quickly got our pipeline back in order and now our game would have little issue updating in the foreseeable future.

During the last quarter of 2013 much of the work has been on finishing the UI layout and creating the tutorial. We iterated a couple times on each of them and made use of Reddit's #FeedbackFriday threads to get input on what needed to be revised. Our game now features a full tutorial with voice acting and metrics system to check for any failures.

With all the features put in place at the beginning of January we are coordinating our last couple rounds of playtesting to polish the game more, including putting in our final art assets and high resolution textures. Shortly we will submit Techno Dash for approval to Apple and get our Android build ready. After that is lined up our plan is to finish our PC/Mac/Linux versions of the game and have our multiplatform release.

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