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Tech support available for those who require it!!!

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Just thought I would start by saying I am back on the mod team as an active member. I will be redoing the GUI and making everything look pretty. I also wanted to tell everyone that I will also be the tech support guy for all of you guys who are having trouble, so I can provide help with that. I also will be modeling a bit. I just thought I would make this news because I see lots of comments saying that you need help, so instead of badgering the comments section you can just message me here on moddb, add me on MSN ( or add me on xfire (cisleader) and hopefully we can come to a solid conclusion as to why you are having troubles playing the mod Star Wars - Clone Wars and figure out the fix, and then we can patch the game up, and maybe add it to our list of things to fix for the next release. I didn't really consult the team before posting this but I thought I would because I have asked before with no response (stares at ozzy in silence).

So to sum up, These are the places you can contact me

  • Xfire Username = Cisleader
  • Message me here on moddb = go to my profile, look to the left, scroll down, "Send Message"

So, if you need help, let me know.


DDDDDDD - - 140 comments

I need help. the shortcut well not work. I need a batch file, using 7.
3.0 game version. help

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Lockdown224 - - 259 comments

just look how the shorcuts were done on others i did that

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Dwarf_Fan - - 429 comments

How do I install the Mod?

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