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Who is TeamGT? What the heck does GT stand for? Well, Since I never really have gotten into TeamGT and how I started up this small dev team, here's your chance to find out.

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TeamGT was formed after I decided to expand on an idea I was tinkering with while I was working 1187's first map. Since I needed a Team I was wondering what to call it.

I didn't want to name it something that gives the impression as if we're some triple A wannabe studio so I decided to go with my former clan name =GT=. =GT= stands for Global Trailblazers. Global being the fact all the clan members came from all around the world, and trailblazers seemed fitting since we played Bid for Power, a quake3 mod.

So I decided to pay honor to my old clan, and the meaning behind GT still holds up today. The dev team is made out of individuals that live all around the globe. And they all do blaze behind their pc's creating awesome stuff.

I figured TeamGT had a nice ring to it, and thus I used it.

Current teamGT members are:

Joure Visser
Dec Doyle
Robert Ducat
Drew Wilson
Dave Henning
Martin Norberg
Ian Wiese

TRIVIA: The Mustang that is to play quite a big role in 1187 - Episode two is featured in ep1, but not playable yet. The design of the custom paint job was based on my old clan =GT='s color scheme and visual art style. I always loved that black/blue and hint of white mixed up that way, so I had to pay another tribute that way.

So now you know a bit more about us, and the name behind the team.

Peace out everyone.


I didnt knew Dec Doyle was on your team

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joure Author

Ohh, Dec's been a part of the team for almost a year now if not longer. I've seen him picking up coding and is now excelling in it. :)

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Yeah Dec wasn't originally part of the team, but we needed a coder bad and he came to our rescue on top of all the work he does for Mortewood. He's an amazing guy and I couldn't ask for a better friend.

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7 members, (6 without Dec Doyle) , nice number :)

Actualy beta testers staying freredarme (me), Lt.SnoWolf, Long Shot, correct ?

@joure : If you have new version (my last version : Beta 13), contact me ;)
Goodbye and good luck, we wish a merry chritsmas at all !

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