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The prototype of our games 9 Lives. A puzzle/action sidescroller game.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming and we hope you will appreciate our work.

9 Lives is a prototype we made in 2 days. It's the simple story of a cat who escape. You have to kill the character in order to advance.

The game is free. We would like to continue it if we feel people like it.

Stay tuned for updates!

Play it Here :

P : start/menu
1 : kick
2 : Dead (Body)
3 : Explode
Space : Jump and select

If you're stuck, just press P and select restart.


Beskamir - - 7,024 comments

"(And sorry, english is not our first language :) )"
then what is your first language?

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TeamOctopus Author
TeamOctopus - - 6 comments

We speak french.

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

I played it for a while, and here's my thoughts:

First of all, I love the art style! I pressed 3 a lot just because the stance the kitty takes is animated so incredibly well and the explosion is awesome. In general, the animations are very well done and fluid.

The puzzles themselves get pretty difficult and take split second timing which I began to find that I do not have, haha. The puzzle with 3 boxes and 2 lasers stumped me. I nearly got it the first time around but could never clear the first obstacle after that. It's pretty brutal.

A few odd glitches here and there but beyond that, pretty solid. I have to say though, the control scheme is pretty weird. At least for me it is. I guess it's understandable for a controller (which it looks like you're aiming for?) but not so much on mouse and keyboard.

I definitely liked what I saw but ended up giving up on the puzzle. However, it's 11 PM and I'm a bit tired, so I'll bookmark it and take a crack at it later.

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TeamOctopus Author
TeamOctopus - - 6 comments

Thx for the comment. We are really appreciate it.

Yeah youre right about the issues. We got some weird bugs in this build and few design that could use more work. We should have a new build soon.

We aiming for a controler so yeah it could be weird to some playing with the arrow.

We gonna start over soon and bring a different pacing for the game. Learn from the prototype and comments, that why we like all the feedback we can have.

If you have others feedback, feel free to tell us.

A little history about the game. We made the game during a contest called Bivouac Urbain. 2 days contest where you have to make a game. We won the top prize, that encourage ourself to continue the game.

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PatBGames - - 5 comments

Excellent game !
I reached the end, and I want more.

- I've finished the game in approximately 30 minutes, no puzzle room has really blocked me. So more rooms and difficulty would be great.
- I love the atmosphere, sound, graphics and animations. The zoom effects are excellent.
- The control scheme could be enhanced, arrows keys and space are OK, but allow WSAD in addition to arrows, and alternate keys for 1/2/3 (maybe ZXC)
- The only puzzle that has blocked me was the key to open the cage at start, allow any key to start the game, not only P.

Keep up the good work !

PS : WSAD et ZXC correspondent à ZSQD et WXC sur un clavier AZERTY français. Bonne chance pour la suite ;)

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TeamOctopus Author
TeamOctopus - - 6 comments

Hey thx for the comment. We very glad you like the game. The any key stuff is sooooooo important :).


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Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

Reached the end in 30 minutes. Got stuck on the last room for a while (both trying to figure the puzzle out, and then trying to actually get through it).

My biggest problem with the prototype was the inconsistent kick physics. Occasionally you had to kick a box into a laser _just_ right, but more than once I had to restart a room because the box didn't land right.

The game has an intresting concept. Looking at the rooms implemented, I would become bored if the rest of the game had similar puzzles. It seems like more gameplay elements need to be added, and more puzzle diversity is needed. Allow a room to be solved in more than one way every two or three rooms.

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TeamOctopus Author
TeamOctopus - - 6 comments

Thx for feedback. The kick system really need improvement and make sure not letting the physics do the job.

Right now its just puzzle after puzzle. If we had like 50 levels in a row like that it could be boring. The pacing is something we need to add and adjust.

Great feeeback, thx!

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