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Team size multiplied and now consists of an artist and a programmer

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A few days ago a friend of mine contacted me wanting to know if I could help him with a project he was thinking of doing.
The basic gist of it was that he wanted my help in programming an airship for him. He wanted my help for this for a game he was wanting to try to make, which was placed in a steampunk world where the player could play as a trader, pirate, mercenary and do what ever they felt like. Now if that sounds familiar, it's not because I'm the addition to the team, no by pure coincidence we had at approximately the same time set out to make roughly the same game. Naturally it would be silly to make two identical games and after a few nights of talking it over we are now merging the games together into one. This means that I can now focus more on the coding side of the project while his primary responsibility will be the artwork. The "preview image" used on this article is one of his first boat designs, its very much work in progress but I really like where it's going. It is inspired by a type of ship from the 16th-17th century known as a Schooner and for those who want to read more the wiki articles on this type of ship can be found here:


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