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I continued working on the game today, adding more details. This video shows them.

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There's that mud and dirt I mentioned in previous news, you can actually see them now. So the terrain is quite muddy therefore tank doesn't sometimes start to move immediately, depends on what you were doing up to that moment, whether you were moving or rotating or whatever.

I also finished top movements as you can see and also added sounds to the whole thing. I'll continue working this weekend, but mostly on parts that are not visible, code behind the scene. So far entire code is less than 1000 lines and it could have been much smaller if physics was used for wheels and tracks, but I didn't want to place more processing burden on the CPU, the code is very simple now and it only plays animations forward and/or backward.

If you have a request, maybe something you'd like to see in the game, now is the time to let me know. I really love entire development process: 3d modeling, graphic design and programming.

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